Hair texture. You know it when you see it but when it comes to adding texture to your own hair, it can be hard to know where to start. You’ve heard the talk from your stylist. Texture can add instant body, bounce, and
give you healthy hair, but before you start adding in loads of texturizing hair products or letting your stylist snip away, we give you 5 reasons to take the hair texture plunge. We checked in with two professionals, Sarah Amson, stylist at Shagg Salon Toronto and Lorraine McAndrew, Sassoon Salon Toronto’s Creative Director, to weigh in on the benefits of hair texture.

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1. Texture can completely change your look

According to Amson, adding texture to your hair can completely change your look. Regardless of your hair type, a texturized haircut will add movement you never knew your hair had! “You can start with straight hair, end with curly hair and have everything in between,” says Amson. And if you’ve ever envied your fave celebrity’s hair, Amson says that texture is the first step to creating the latest red carpet trends we’ve all drooled over.

2. Texture can add body and bounce

If you’ve ever bemoaned your lackluster, limp locks, texture may be the answer you’ve been looking for. “If you have straight or fine hair, not adding texture can make your hair seem limp,” says Amson. “Texturizing products and tools can help you achieve the body and bounce you desire.” Your hairstylist can
add texture to your hair by cutting in angles and adding layers but you can also do some of the legwork yourself at home. Amson recommends prepping your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, then using various sizes of curling irons. “These can help you to create a multitude of textured styles, anything from a subtle sexy wave to a tousled beach texture,” she says. “If you have natural texture, try using a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to encourage your own wave or curl.”

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3. Texture makes a hairstyle look more modern

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with straight, smooth locks, they’re a bit earnest and a fabulous texturized haircut can give you a more contemporary look – and a sexier one, too. For more volume, McAndrew recommends using hot rollers. For a simpler, loose wave, she says a flat iron can create that carefree, beach-y look. “A curling iron will create a more defined curl, depending on what size barrel you use,” she says. “For especially fine hair, I recommend hot rollers or a small-barrel curling iron with a setting spray to seal the look and protect it from the heat. To add volume with the blow dryer, flip your head upside down and brush in the opposite direction of hair growth.”

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4. Texture removes bulk and weight from hair

Without texture in your hair, it can get weighted down with too much bulk, making it appear heavy and devoid of interest. And texture’s important whether you’ve got
long hair or short. “Adding texture to longer hair can be more time consuming, so a great haircut with layers or textured ends will help to
naturally add volume and movement,” says McAndrew. “We often use a graduation technique when cutting, which builds up shape and creates more volume or bounce.”

5. Texture gives hair a more youthful look

Bottom line: Adding texture and movement to your hair will give you a more youthful look overall. “Adding texture can instantly revitalize a hairstyle,” says McAndrew. “If your hair is naturally straight, adding texture will create volume and give a softer, youthful, and more feminine look. Bouncy or textured hair also makes you feel confident and energized.”


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