Each year we all welcome back the spring weather with open arms—but what we often forget about? The bad hair styles that comes with it. It’s windy and there’s increased humidity in the air and these environmental factors make hair misbehave in some very unfortunate ways. But, thankfully, there are ways to be
proactive with your hair to help manage these elements so you can look as fresh as, well, spring.

Get a trim

Spring is all about new beginnings, so if you’re not in the market for new hair styles, at the very least, go for a trim to freshen up your cut. You may have, after all, gotten a little lax with getting your haircut regularly over the winter when it’s been hidden under a toque all season.
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Add an anti-humectant to your hair styling

In the winter, you were battling the cold, which made hair dry and static-y. ”Now with the weather getting warmer and more moisture in the air, you are going to find you will be battling the opposite and you’ll have to deal with frizz,” says Brennen Demelo, owner of Brennen Demelo Studio in Toronto. An anti-humectant product will help control cases of the frizzies. Adjust how much product you use based on your hair type, he says—thin hair calls for very little and medium to thick hair will need about a dime-sized amount. “For extremely coarse hair, apply until it’s under control,” says Demelo.

Seal the cuticle with a hair serum

In addition to an anti-humectant that will hydrate the hair from the inside, Alain Larivée, John Frieda consulting stylist suggests adding another step to your anti-frizz regimen: seal the hair with a lightweight, non-greasy hair serum. Two to try: John Frieda Frizz Eaze Dual Formula Sheer Solution or Moroccan Oil.

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Pull hair into a modern ponytail

Pulling your hair back and tying it up is one of the simplest ways to keep hair under control in spring conditions. And this spring,
the ponytail is back and it’s not just the ponytail on the top of your head like you’re going to the gym, says Demelo. “It’s more of a loose ponytail with a flip the back,” he says. He suggests getting creative with the placement of the ponytail on your head, or if you have long hair, flipping the end back up so it makes a loop and tying it up into place with a second elastic. “The look gives you control over your hair, but the look is slightly dissolved—not perfect.”

Keep a scarf handy

Don’t let strong spring breezes ruin your hairstyle. “When the wind is threatening your beautiful hairdo, do like my mom use to do and wrap your do with a fashionable silk scarf,” says Larivée. Then, keep a travel-size lightweight, workable hairspray in your handbag and touch up if needed. If you’ve still got a touch of flyaways, he suggests using John Frieda Flyaway Tamer to get them into place.

Treat your hair to a masque

“People have a tendency to damage their hair over the winter by overstyling,” says Larivée, so adding a hair masque will help repair the damaged hair cuticle. The deep conditioning a hair masque provides will help not only boost moisture in the cuticle but also help alleviate frizz.

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