Out with the old, in with the new. The new year always has a way with motivating us to want to do things better. And our hair is no exception. But if you don’t need a drastic makeover worthy of a
What Not to Wear transformation, a few easy updates and ideas for
new hair styles are all you need to help make your hair more of a “mane” attraction that it currently is.

Take this season of personal goal-setting and make it your beauty mission to get your hair styles all that and then some. Here are five ways.

Protect your hair

What’s your hair ever done to you? OK, so maybe some days it frizzes out of control, and others it just refuses to hold any shape—but that’s no reason to punish it. Using a heat protectant spray is essential for not damaging your hair, says Erica Biafore, a stylist at Ego Salon in Brampton, Ont. “And keep in mind that if you have colour-treated hair, a safe temperature for your flatiron or curling iron is 375C,” she says. Any higher and you risk fading the colour. Resist the temptation to crank up the temperature because you’re in a rush.

Cut a fringe

Ever notice how fall and winter is when fringe styles always seem to come out to play? Greg May, owner of Greg May Hair Architects in Toronto, says that winter is a fantastic time to
experiment with bangs as they won’t get all sweaty (and stuck to your forehead) as they would in the summer months. Plus you’re pulling on hats and toques all season, which provide plenty of pretty face-framing opportunities. Also, adds May, your hair grows faster in the summer months thanks to greater vitamin D due to sun exposure. “So with your hair growing slower in these cooler months, a fringe is easier to take care of in terms of fewer trims.”

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Feed your hair

Get a gloss or shine treatment for your hair, such as PM Shines from Paul Mitchell. It’s like a protein shake for your hair, says May. Plus, that dry winter air that’s making your hair all static-y and flyaway? The treatment will help prevent static and has the added bonus of protecting your hair from UV rays (and yes, UV rays are still a concern even in the winter). It also gives a nice boost to your colour job by enriching the shade—just the perfect pick-me-up in this dreary grey winter weather. For added sheen, Biafore suggests using a shine spray as a finishing touch to any hairstyle. “If you’re finishing with hairspray, some types may add a slight dullness to the look so a spritz of shine spray such as Pureology Colour Stylist Radiance Amplifier will help boost the glossiness.”

Play with your bangs

Say you cut
new bangs (see May’s suggestion above) and your stylist cut your bangs too short, or you’re simply looking to try a new look with your fringe, take a longer section from behind your bangs and use it to help keep your bangs down by styling the entire section as
a side fringe, says Biafore. Or for a fresh look, rather than blow drying your bangs forward onto your forehead so that they curve towards your eyes, blow dry them brushed up and over your round brush. “Blow drying them this way will open up the face and show off facial features more,” she says.

Take your time when blow drying

Your hair never looks as good as when your stylist blow dries it. While they are pros skilled at this very task, you may want to consider the time you spend in front of the mirror with your blow dryer: is it only a fraction of the time your stylist spends? If yes, well, devoting more time to your blow out will pay off. Section off into two-inch sections and tip your head forward to gain volume at the root. “Be sure to focus on one area at a time until it’s dry before moving onto the next section,” says Biafore. This is especially key when you have curly hair. If you jump from one piece to another with curly hair, this will agitate the curl and promote frizziness, she says.

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