Problem: Poor condition
• “Before the holiday season starts, visit your salon for a clear rinse. It’s like semi-permanent colour minus the colour — it gives your hair a nice shine that will last four to six weeks, so you won’t have to worry about it again.”
– Tony Masciangelo

• “Every woman should carry a product that eliminates frizz, which usually develops throughout the day. Try a light serum to tame your hair and add a bit of shine.” – Andy Bodine

Problem: Visible roots
• “Touch up your roots before a night out with Oscar Blandi’s Pronto Colore pen. You can also use it to add pretty, non-permanent highlights to your hair.” – Beau Nelson

• “Try wearing your hair gelled back in a bun — the wet-hair look can help camouflage your roots.” – Eric Del Monaco

• “Bumble and bumble hair powders come in a range of different shades to suit everyone. They spray on like hairspray and create a workable texture for updos. They also temporarily tint the hair colour between salon visits.”
– Jon Hennessey

Problem: Bed-head
• “It’s easy to revive a blowout after a night of sleep — just use a flat paddle brush and a blow-dryer to smooth out any bumps or creases. For more stubborn spots, spray a fine mist of water on the area and blow your hair out using a round brush.” – Beau Nelson

• “Spritz Bumble and bumble’s Surf Spray through your hair — it’s the next best thing to sleeping standing up.” – Nicolas Blanchet

• “To prevent tangles, sleep with a silk scarf over your pillow. In the morning, pop a few Velcro rollers in at the crown and touch up the ends with a round brush or flat iron.” – Tony Masciangelo

Here’s an easy office-to-party look:
“In the morning, start by working a bit of product with light hold [like a mousse] into your hair and twist it into a loose chignon,” says Andy Bodine. “When it’s time for cocktails, undo the chignon and you’ll find yourself with loose, sexy waves — perfect for any night out.”

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