Winter toques and cozy fur headbands always look best when paired with glossy, healthy hair; however, maintaining lush locks come winter is no easy feat. As the temperatures start to drop, we definitely need to take extra care of our hair to prevent it from dehydration and at worst, breakage. For beauty expert intel, we spoke with Andre Rodman, New York-based celebrity hairstylist whose clients include Zoe Saldana and Sarah Michelle Geller, on how to winter-proof our hair, keeping it strong and maintaining healthy hair all year long.

Winter hair care tip #1: Washing and conditioning

“All year long (and especially in the winter) you should be washing your hair a couple of times a week or every other day at most — not everyday,” says Rodman. “Wash with lukewarm water as hot water will damage hair and cause breakage and also make it a practice to switch your shampoo and conditioner when changing seasons because hair loses moisture in the winter from the cold, dry air,” explains Rodman. “Definitely use a moisturizing formula.” Try Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate-Me line: It locks in moisture while maintaining lightweight body and comes with the bonus of being sulfate-and-paraben free.

Winter is also the time of year to start using deep conditioning treatments that contain panthenol and amino acids more regularly—you want to consistently infuse moisture into the hair shaft to prevent it from drying out. Conditioned hair not only prevents it from looking (and actually becoming) damaged, leaving you with healthy hair, but it also staves off static. Using a product like Redken’s Heavy Cream for 15 minutes once a week restores moisture and elasticity and helps rebuild proteins in the hair with keratin and Argan oil.

Winter hair care tip #2: Styling dos and don’ts

If you can tolerate it, finish your shower with a cold rinse to seal the hair cuticle and promote shine. When heat styling, be sure to use a protectant throughout damp hair before you start. Shocking hair with high heats before leaving the house for subzero temperatures is a recipe for split ends, and less than healthy hair. Smooth a product like Kerastase’s Nectar Thermique throughout the hair, concentrating on the ends prior to blowdrying, straightening or using a curling iron.
Heat protectants seal the hair shaft, help prevent further dehydration and are an essential step in winter-proofing your hair.

5 ways to protect your hair and skin this winter … find out our tips here.

Beat static and hat hair with more hair care tips on the next page …

Winter hair care tip #3: Beating static

Dry indoor temperatures often zap moisture from our hair, which can lead to plenty of static strands. A moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will help tame static electricity and if you experience static when styling, Rodman gives us this tip: “Use hairspray on a natural-bristle brush to comb out the hair and keep static at bay — this works much like a fabric softener sheet does on your laundry to eliminate static.” You might also want to consider picking up an ionic hair dryer and/or flat irons which use negative ions to calm static-prone strands that are positively charged. Another tip is to avoid fleecy fabrics that tend to exacerbate static electricity.

Winter hair care tip #4: Preventing hat head

Never leave the house with damp hair and don’t forget your hat! Bundling your hair under a toque is a fail-safe way to prevent strong winds and icy conditions from stripping your strands. If you don’t want to mess your ’do, at the very least drape a circle scarf over your head to keep your hair covered. If you’re concerned with kinks and bumps resulting from winter headgear, use a straightening balm when styling and finish with hairspray to prevent hat head.

To protect your hair from harsh winter weather conditions, implement these hair care tips now: Wash a couple of times weekly with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner in lukewarm water and deep condition once every week or two weeks. Use heat protecting styling agents to prevent the damage that comes along with blowdrying, curling and flat irons and be sure to wear a hat or scarf when outdoors. The winter cold can be cruel and unrelenting — don’t let it get you down by ruining your hair. Following these hair care tips will keep your locks moisturized and damage-free until the sweet relief of spring.

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