This year, Aveda celebrates it’s 11th year supporting WaterAid Canada and raising awareness about the urgent global need for clean water. Through their latest campaign, the brand focuses on providing clean and safe drinking water to women and mothers in need living in Belavabary, Madagascar. The campaign, titled “Access to Clean Water Gives Mothers More Time,” aims to not only provide women with safe drinking water, but provide them with more time. Women in Sub-Saharan Africa spend an estimated 40 billion hours per year collecting water for their families. Aveda hopes to minimize this, and give women more time with their families and communities.



On May 1st, all proceeds from services at Aveda and Civello salons will go towards fundraising for women and families in need of clean water in Madagascar. The country holds significance for the brand as key ingredients in Aveda products such as ylang ylang, cinnamon and vanilla are sourced in Madagascar. “Aveda’s mission is to always give back and care for the world we live in,” read a statement from the brand.



For more information, visit to learn about Aveda’s other Earth Month initiatives.