Beauty confession time. We’ll admit it: sometimes we notice the hair style more than the pretty finery and accessories coming down the runway. Make no mistake, we love fashion (we always make note of the pieces we must add to our wardrobes), but the hair style is something that we can easily add to our repertoire—with just the right product and some styling skills. This fall, the seven
hottest fall hair looks that made our must-have list will make you want to run for your blow dryer and hairspray. Right. Now. Read on to up your hair style ante.

0-rag-and-bone-fall-hair.jpgFall hair trends: Rag & Bone

“This is an easy one to do, good for the second day of your blowout,” says Rob Pizzuti, one of the owners of Blyss salon in Toronto. “At night, make four or five braids in your hair,” he says. Start the braid not at the root, but at the feature you want to highlight. “Start it at your eyes, like this model, if you want to highlight your eyes, or if you have great cheekbones, start the braid at the cheekbones. This draws the eye to that area,” he says. In the morning, undo the braids, and with a matte-based putty (“Use on that’ll give you grip and texture but without tackiness,” says Pizzuti) work it through your hair to get a tousled look.

0-alexander-fall-hair.jpgFall hair trends: Alexander Wang

“This is a going-out-last-minute style,” says Pizzuti of this slick style’s simplicity. Start with damp hair and use a strong, high-gloss product (he suggests Davines No 6 Plastenine Glossy) and make a sharp centre part. It’s also a look you can easily pull back into a ponytail, he says, and the very sleek look can work well in contrast with an outfit that is frilly and feminine or a very structured suit, for example.

0-carolina-fall-hair.jpgFall hair trends: Carolina Herrera

This look is all about volume, and might be easier to achieve by going to your hairstylist, but if you put in the time and effort, you could achieve this style at home. Pizzuti says to start by
blow drying your hair to get maximum volume—start with some root-lifting product and focus on making your hair as big as possible. (Before you start blow drying, place the headband around your neck so you don’t have to pull it over your post-blow dry big hair). You can also pump up the volume by using Velcro rollers to add lift at the root. Once your hair is set, brush it out with a dry, powdery building hairspray to get grip and lift at the root, and work the hair back away from face. Tuck the hairband into place so that it’s smooth but don’t flatten out the front (“There’s still some lift there,” notes Pizzuti) and then leave your hands off of the band. “Don’t touch it at all or you will lose the style!” he says.

We’re not done yet! 4 more hot fall hair trends that you’ll love to try (including a totally glam hair style) on the next page …
0-jill-fall-hair.jpgFall hair trends: Jill Stuart

“There’s a lot of girly glamour coming back for fall,” says Pizzuti, and the hair at Jill Stuart is one such example. “It’s sort of a like you’ve undone your ponytail on purpose and just shaken out your hair,” he says. To get this look, Start with some round brushing at the roots—leave the ends undone. Then, with a two-inch barrel curling iron,
create some random curls, leaving some pieces straight in between. “If you have curly hair, use a straightening balm on some pieces, and then add some curls with a curling iron,” he says. Finish with some root-lifting spray all over your hair from roots to ends. Why to the ends? “So the ends have a separated look—it’ll hold the ends separate but won’t have a tacky feel,” explains Pizzuti).

0-oscar-fall-hair.jpgFall hair trends: Oscar de la Renta

With this look pulling the hair away from the face, the effect is very girly and innocent, says Pizzuti. To create this pretty faux-bob, you can work with your hair two or three days since your last shampoo. “It’s all about airy, dry texture,” says Pizzuti. With some root-lifting spray, blow dry out your hair and then place the ribbon hairband around your neck. “Grab your hair randomly in three-inch sections and pin it in,” he says. Then use a fast-drying, dry texture hairspray, one that you can rub in to get that powdery airiness the look has, says Pizzuti (he favours Davines Echo Hairspray and spray it into his hands and then working it into the hair as this gives you more control as to where the hairspray is going).

0-suno-fall-har.jpgFall hair trends: Suno

Skip washing your hair and have your hair look so pretty and feminine—who doesn’t love that? Just copy this look from the Suno runway. Start by grabbing one section of hair at the side and twisting it all the way to the back and securing with an elastic. Repeat on the other side of your head. “Then take one-inch sections from the ponytails and twist and pin up into place,” says Pizzuti. “Just make sure to keep it as soft as possible, let the look take whatever shape it takes, with pieces falling out.”

0-preen-fall-hair.jpgFall hair trends: Preen

Messy and undone (yet done) always make our list of favourite ’dos and Preen’s windswept runway hair was no exception. Although you don’t need much product in your hair, as you want the texture to be natural, pull through your hair some mousse or dry gel for just a bit of hold without it looking set. Then “pull the hair back to above the occipital bone and twist two pieces and pin into the crown section and keep twisting and pinning in random pieces,” says Lesley Kernan, one of PIzzuti’s partners at Blyss. “Just let the ends do whatever they do,” she says. Spray with a hold hairpspray to maintain the look of movement. Finish by applying some dry gel to the crown and securing in a comb so the front is flat with the comb creating a lift on the top of your head that leads up to the windswept twists in the back.

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