Fall hairstyles: If there’s one thing you do this fall …

It’s time to pump up your fall hair colour, but first you’ll need to decide whether to go for chestnut chic, bold crimson or honey-hued blond. If you’re leaning toward blond because you think men are hard-wired to notice it, that attraction, it turns out, isn’t exclusive to the platinum club. According to Jena Pincott, the author of Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?, both high shine and rich colour will catch a man’s eye. “We instinctually see these as signs of health and vitality,” explains Pincott. For some
runway-inspired shades, check out Matthew Williamson, Anna Sui, Fendi, Chloé, YSL, Marni and Balmain.

– Ally Dean

Fall hair trends: Hair colour

In addition to feeling soft, healthy, moisturized hair takes hair colour better. In fact, dry, damaged hair soaks up excess colour, creating a two-tone effect with new growth. So cut your split ends and restore all the moisture you can, because of-the-moment colours are going rich and deep, says Pacheco. “Browns in dark espresso with hints of prune and mahogany as well as blacks with hints of blue to add dimension are popular.” But there’s a hitch: As your tan fades, make sure your paler skin tone doesn’t clash with the colour. “Don’t be afraid to change things up, but try to stay within two shades of your natural hair colour,” he advises.

Fall hairstyles: Curly curls

Staying natural applies to your fall hairstyles too. “This season really is ‘less is more’ when it comes to hair,” says celebrity hairstylist Charles Baker Strahan. “Another trend is
lush curls: If you’ve got them, flaunt them!” Wear your hair loose but controlled—use a hydrating shampoo and mousse. “This allows hair to dry more quickly and uniformly, which reduces frizz,” says Baker Strahan. “Sleek side parts and straight-back ponytails channel the season’s statement on minimalism. This clean look pushes the face forward and gives more attention to makeup trends.”

– Jasmine Miller

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Fall hair trends: Silken dreams

There’s no getting around the drying effect of forced-air heating, not to mention the moisture-zapping hair dryer that you’ve started using again (under duress, no doubt). All this hot hair leads to flyaways and tangled strands that rub together, causing cuticle damage. You’ll notice texture changes too (think straw, not silk). The final insult? Styling is more challenging because split and broken ends multiply under these conditions. It’s time to go on the offensive. “Apply a deep moisturizing treatment once a week for a month and then every other week for the entire season and throughout winter,” says Luis Pacheco of Toronto’s Hair on the Avenue. A month of amped-up hair treatments will help restore moisture lost to last season’s intense rays and provide a barrier against fall’s drying artificial heat wave, for this crop of fall hairstyles.

Fall hair trends: Hat head

You can wear a fascinator—without having a Princess Beatrice scene-stealing moment—by
adding chains or feathers to your hair with combs, says Pacheco. To nail the look, keep hair flat on top. The “mermaid wave” is sleek over the crown and pinned back to flow out from the ear, but the classic ponytail is an ideal no-fuss option. Whether you opt for the season’s wide-brimmed look or a closer-cropped Trilby, don’t worry about hat head. “A hat—like a killer heel—is a statement piece, so keep it on until you get home,” advises Pacheco.

– Jasmine Miller

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