Sleek and straight
A well-groomed, straight mane is a classic look that goes well with the sophisticated looks of this fall season. Take a look at the models at the Carolina Herrera runway, for example. “There’s some additional focus of adding some shine in the front, with the rest just blow dried,” says Colin Ford, L’Oréal Professionnel’s National Education and Events Director. To get the look, he recommends blow drying your slightly layered look with some volumizing mousse worked through your hair (“to keep your hair from looking dry and fluffy” he says) and then make a side or centre part. Then, run some L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Metallic Gloss Wax into your hands and smooth it onto the hair at the crown of your head, and comb back from the top of your head. The mica in the Gloss is what gives your tresses a shine boost. “To give your hair some movement, though, use a round brush when you blow dry to get this slightly wavy look—notice that the look is not stick straight,” adds Colin. “Finish with a light hairspray, such as L’Oréal Professionnel Infinium Queen, to hold the look in place.”



Sexy bedhead

“The Marc Jacobs runway look is very popular this season and translates well to the street,” says Lance Blanchette, Joico artist. Wondering if you can pull it off? According to Lance, this look is best on fine to medium hair with a small amount of natural wave. And here’s the good news: it couldn’t be simpler to pull off. Start by finger drying your freshly washed hair moving the blow dryer from scalp to ends to prevent fly-aways, and take note: when blow drying do not use any products. “Once dry, turn your head upside down and spray a small amount of a good working hair spray such as Joico’s Joi-Mist Medium or K-Pak Protective Hair Spray, while shaking your head,” says Lance. Then stand your fine self up, run your fingers through your hair and shake out your
hair. “And then repeat as necessary,” adds Lance. “Professionals call it layering products. “

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disheveled-doo-ri.jpgDishevelled done right
“This look at Doo.Ri is a bit dishevelled looking on purpose—dishevelled in a sophisticated way,” says Colin. “Nothing about the look is too controlled,” he adds. And that’s a plus for you trying to duplicate this look at home since it’s just that simple.

First off, start with hair that’s not super clean. “If your hair’s too clean and slippery, it won’t hold the braid or the look,” says Colin. Start by combing your roughly dried hair back from the top of your head. Then, to add some light, slightly rougher texture, he recommends working some Deviation Paste through the hair you will be braiding. Taking hair from the front area just above your ear start your loose braid. “The braid at Doo.Ri is a fishtail braid, where you keep taking and adding pieces of hair from underneath,” he explains (rather than the same three strands). Repeat on the other side of your head and pin at the back. Don’t worry about making the braid perfect, says Colin. In fact, keep it loose and pull a bit out of the braid. “This look is alternative and edgy—you’re making a personal statement with this look.”

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Expert hair advice from the pros

Short and sweet: Short hair care tips


60s-mulberry.jpgBombshell bouffant
Think sixties bombshell with a modern update. This look seen on the Mulberry runway can be tamed down to be worn in the real world. How? First off, plan to do this look on a day you don’t plan on shampooing as it works best on unwashed hair. Slightly dirty hair is good to go? Then, “begin with a hot roller set using large rollers and Joico Silk Results Thermal Smoother to style and set the hair,” says Lance. “Roll the hair back on the top and down and back on the sides and back.” Once the rollers are cool take them out and brush the curl out.

Lance then suggests spraying a product such as Joico Joi-Shape Shaping and Styling Spray all over your hair and then brushing the hair out. Next, take a styling brush to loosely back brush the hair, out from the roots to the mid-shaft to give lift and softness. This is where you can turn it up or tone it down according to the look you’re comfortable with. “Adjust the amount of back-brushing to express your own personal style,” says Lance. Do as much as you feel comfortable with. Then add another quick spritz of Joi-Shape for hold, then smooth out the front and ends carefully with your styling brush. “Finish with a good dose of Joi-Shape for a firm hold,” says Lance.

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Short and sweet: Short hair care tips

Girly curls

“This is a continuation of one the most popular looks of the summer season,” says Lance. As with the look at Mulberry, this Philip Lim runway style works best on hair on day two or three (ie. days since your last shampoo). (Bonus: think of all the time you’re saving from not having to shampoo daily!)

Take your hair and set it using hot rollers and a product such as Joico Silk Results Thermal Smoother (Lance’s personal fave). Pay close attention to how you’re setting the rollers: “Set the hair vertically on the sides and down in the back. At the bottom roll the hair to the scalp and as you move toward the part, drag the roller down to the last roller,” says Lance. Let cool, and then remove the rollers. Give your hair a good spray all over with a finishing spray, and then brush out your hair out using a styling brush. To finish, “separate the curl by finger styling the hair into shape and hair spraying each section individually once again,” says Lance.

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