If the
Fall 2012 runway trends tell us anything, it’s that this season will be one of the most opulent, gold-casted yet (it’s about time). Equally luxe strands glittered on the runways, taking their cues from the lush natural shades inherent to this time of year—we spotted rich ochre, deep burgundy and flaming red hair colour trends in our favourite runway shows. To find out how to recreate the hottest shades and keep them their gleaming best, we chatted with Mario Verrilli, celebrity hair stylist and owner of Onaré Salon (
www.onaresalon.com) for his breakdown of this season’s hair colour trends. Stay golden, friends!

Fall 2012 hair colour trend: Go for gold(en)

One of the takeaway trends this year from the Fall/Winter 2012 runways is opulence: gilded fabrics, metallic brocades and jewel embellishments reminiscent of baroque-era indulgence. And the OTT splendour spills into Fall 2012 beauty trends trend with similarly, lush, golden locks illuminating the runways. “Warm chocolate browns, golden blondes and auburns are the top hair colours this fall,” pronounces Verrilli. But how does one select from such a rich palette? “As a general rule for choosing the right hair colour for your skin tone, if you have warm eyes, hair and skin tone, choose a warm hair colour; and if you have cool tones, choose a cool hair colour.”

Fall 2012 hair colour trend: Fall in love with autumnal shades

We have a predilection for life imitating pastoral beauty, and the rich hues of fall have a way of surfacing in our lives this time of year. “I think we reflect nature as the leaves change in colour to reds, orange and yellows,” says Verrilli. “It is a great change after the summer sun tends to fade most colours.” But these lush colours do need some help maintaining their luminousity: “The best way to maintain richer colours is to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner specifically for coloured hair,” he says. “They are far less aggressive and do not strip the hair. Shampooing two-to-three times max. per week is best and there are shampoos that deposit pigment that you can use once a week to refresh the colour.” And keep the rules of summer hair care in mind: Wash less frequently, use a UV protectant, or even better, a hat if in the sun.”

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Fall 2012 hair colour trend: Fifty(ish) shades of fall

The ombré hair trend—the multi-tonal hair shade emblematic of everything fading to to black—was back on the
Fall 2012 runways, with the stark contrast of gold and espresso hues at Alexander Wang and the grown-out bleached blond tips at Prada (the reversal of Drew Barrymore’s iconic ink-dipped tips, which was also seen on the runway). “The ombré look can be done several ways, which make it versatile enough that anyone can find the right look for them,” says Verrilli about recreating this look at home. “Beginners should start by using a natural shade and start with only a few pieces of hair framing the face and
defining layers to see how they feel about it.”

Fall 2012 hair colour trend: Unnatural, but totally fun

Sometimes it’s fun to ignore everything we know about the laws of natural hair colour and opt for totally DIY burnt sienna highlights—or flaming burgundy tips shamelessly from the bottle to Prada’s Fall runway. What other unnatural, yet oh-so-workable colour pairings rocked this season’s edgiest runways—and that we should try too? “Black or dark brown with purple, turquoise, blues and reds,” says Verrilli. And for our
lighter-faring friends: “Cool blonds paired with warm yellows and orange for high contrast.” Remember to have fun, but don’t get too attached: “It is a fun trend that will most likely pass.”

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