In ancient Egypt, women made hair glossy with everything from honey to shea butter; ancient Greeks turned to olive oil to make it glisten. Fast forward to the Insta-age and we still crave IRL shiny, unbreakable hair.

The latest Pantene innovation took 15 years to develop. It penetrates the hair fibre, plugging in nutrients to the core of the hair that ward off environmental and heat damage so hair is healthier every time you wash (other shampoos just rinse away surface impurities). 

According to Dr. Rolanda Wilkerson, Principal Scientist for Pantene, children inherently have lots of lipids and proteins in their hair. “Thanks to these, hair has bounce, movement and shine. But as you age and when you heat-style or have environmental stress on hair – these lipids and proteins break down to the point that when you manipulate it, hair wants to snap and break.” This innovative new Pantene shampoo formula allows lipids to penetrate into the hair and fuel it from the inside out. That means that any hair type (including colour treated hair) are able to wash more frequently with the confidence that they are not stripping, but protecting, their hair.

Scroll to see just how far your shower staples have come:

1973 – The modern secret to silky hair is born in France – Pantene launches its first conditioner with panthenol under the name “Pantene Cure de Beauté”  –#chic.

Late 1970s – Silicones are introduced to help take a serious stand against frizz – they are the hair heroes to make sure feathered bangs stay smooth and in place

1985  – At the height of the movie Working Girl, it’s no surprise that the first 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner launched. Time is money!

1994 – A Pantene innovation in gel network technology allowed hair to be better protected when it was wet.

2004 – Cookie-cutter conditioning formulas are no more – during this time period nearly 70x number of silicone patents were issued to keep customizing shampoos and conditioners.

2007 – Histidine, an antioxidant, may not sound sexy but this is the year it was introduced to tackle oxidative stress on the hair from copper and other harsh minerals in your H20. It’s like a stealth soldier in the fight against brittle or brassy hair.

2017 – Even the most iconic beauties can benefit from a makeover. Pantene launches a new formula in their shampoos that contain special nutrients, suspended in a gel within the formula, that go in to the hair’s core and strengthen from the inside out for hair that’s stronger with every wash.