A new year calls for new hair style inspiration. Adding a fringe to your hair style is an easy way to transform your look – it allows for significant change without sacrificing length or committing to a radical chop. From Alexa Chung to Taylor Swift, celebrities are jumping on the bang bandwagon for winter and opting for hair styles with bangs. Read on for the best bangs of the season.


Celebrity hair styles: Alexa Chung

The genius thing about Alexa Chung’s hair is that even when it has been freshly cut, it never looks like it’s been freshly cut (i.e., there are no blunt ends or overly styled pieces). Rather, it’s always subtle style differences that keep her look current. Recently she stepped out with a long fringe, subtly parted in the middle. The girl whose hair always looks a little bit dirty recently opted for what her stylist called the “modern mullet.” Her new fringe is slightly more sculpted rounded shape that has the sides blending gradually in to the rest of the cut so has bit of that “grown out” look compared to traditional blunt fringes. 


Celebrity hair styles: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift just turned 22 and to mark the occasion, the starlet opted for a hair overhaul, trading in her usual curtain of corkscrew curls that overpowered her delicate facial features in favour of new grown-up full bangs and straight strands. Of the change-up, Swift recently said: “I was on a photoshoot and they wanted to do, like, clip-in bangs and straighten my hair. I just said: ‘Why don’t you just cut them?’ They did.” As for what spurred the change, Swift said: “I wanted to change my look a little bit and I’ve loved the way that bangs look on other people. I always seem to want to straighten my hair in the winter. And I think I just decided to go a step further this time.”

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Celebrity hair styles: Rachel Weisz

Mrs. Daniel Craig always has über-glossy hair, but her mane has a new focal point now that she’s opted for wispy, peek-a-boo bangs. Her bangs have been point-cut (where the stylist snips in to the ends of the hair with the point of the scissors instead of cutting straight across the brow line). This trick allows for a wispy, piece-y effect. She definitely looks younger thanks to this fringe style.


Celebrity hair styles: Olivia Wilde
Wilde is blessed with one of the most symmetrical faces in Hollywood, therefore she can pull off nearly every style Olivia Wilde and her sleek bangs are no exception. The key thing about Wilde’s bangs is they never look unkempt or fussy; they’re always neatly trimmed to the perfect length to frame her piercing eyes. Wilde does have a bit of a higher forehead, so the bang softens this feature and puts the focus squarely where it should be: on her piercing eyes.


Celebrity hair styles: Emma Stone
Emma Stone’s hair colour has been every shade of the spectrum this year (from flaming red to platinum blonde to strawberry blonde and back again). Her hair is remarkably healthy and shiny hair through all of these colour processes. But the one signature throughout her colour chameleon stage is her side-swept bangs. The gentle side sweep gives a hint of sexiness to her look and it adds contrast to her rounder facial features – it creates a subtle slimming effect for her whole face.

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