Need some hair colour inspiration as you transition your hue from summer to fall? Heading into the salon with a clear idea of what you want and better yet – a
celebrity hairstyle photo of the exact look you’re after is the best way to ensure pitch perfect hair colour. Luis Pacheco, Clairol hair colour expert and owner at Toronto’s Hair on the Avenue weighed in our favourite
celebrity hairstyles and colours for the season. Read below for his professional opinion on both the hottest hair colour ideas and technique.

Celebrity hair colour muse: Alicia Keys

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We fell for this photo of Alicia Keys and her simple, natural-looking colour. After a few seasons of ombre, dip-dyed and pastel-coloured strands in fashion, a return to solid, natural colours is totally refreshing. "Rich dark brown," is what Pacheco calls it. "It’s a classic one-step process (solid) colour with auburn tones." This deep brown is Alicia’s signature colour and we love that she maintains it all year long.

Celebrity hair colour muse: Gwyneth Paltrow

Photography by BANG Media

Gwyneth Paltrow is without a doubt the queen of brilliant, pale blonde. Pacheco calls this particular hair colour "light neutral blonde." As for technique, he adds: "It’s heavily and finely highlighted with a neutral/ash base blonde applied in between." We love this look as it mimics a solid blonde without actually being solid which can look unnatural in blonde tones. From a distance, it’s a fairly uniform colour and up close, it has dimension and depth. A for Gwyneth as per usual.

Celebrity hair colour muse: Minka Kelly

EXCLUSIVE-Micha-63276910-600.jpgPhotography by

"This is a sunkissed brunette," says Pacheco. "It’s a medium brown base colour with caramel and dark golden blonde accents. Finely weaved lighter pieces frame the hairline and the ends are tipped with light caramel hues – call it a soft ombre if you will." Ombre 2.0 perhaps? This look has a gorgeous, refined lightness through the ends that makes Minka look as though she’s just stepped off the plane from St. Tropez. If you’re a brunette dreaming of endless summer, this colour is for you.

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Celebrity hair colour muse: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

67ae3eb8-9e8d-4c6f-a7d9-ca6818a4.jpgImage courtesy of Burberry

Rosie’s gorgeous hair colour is a lighter version of Minka’s refined ombre. Pacheco calls it’s a "golden blonde ombre" with a natural base. "The hair should be lightened two to three shades around the face and ends – bleach (no longer a dirty word in the world of colour) is probably your best bet." To minimize any possibility of harsh contrast when lightening the ends of the hair, Pacheco suggests colourists part and twirl sections of the hair, applying bleach to the outer layer of the section to create a soft degradation effect.

Before you consider tweaking or completely changing your current hair colour, definitely do your research. Bring a few photos of your favourite celebrity hair colours to the salon and go over the techniques that your colourist plans on using to bring your desired look to life. If you’re making a big change, booking a consultation before your actual appointment is also advised and is protocol for new clients or drastic changes at Pacheco’s Hair on the Avenue. And from his recurring "Colour of the Day" twitpics, it’s evident the man is a master at his craft! Take note of his techniques described above and discuss all your options with your colourist to guarantee a gorgeous fall hue that’s perfect for you.

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