Celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan – who counts stars like Ashley Graham and the Kardashians as clients – has taken a liking to Reels. Scroll through her IG account (which boasts over 420k followers) and between photos of her adorable infant son, you’ll find a wealth of hair hacks, braiding tutorials and styling tips peppered throughout her feed.

“I definitely get a lot of inspiration from Reels and TikTok,” she tells us via Zoom. “It’s fun to see what everyone’s doing at the moment, and I’m so inspired by Gen Z and their willingness to take risks.” One risk she doesn’t recommend taking? “I still see some videos of girls cutting their bangs with kitchen scissors and I’m cringing so hard.” Lucky for us, she’s got plenty of solutions (yes, even for at-home haircuts) readily available – and we can’t get enough. Naturally, we wanted to get the IG Reels creator and GHD ambassador’s intel on the trends to look out for this fall. Ahead, we spoke to Marjan to get the scoop.

Justine Marjan

Return of the ’90s

“We’re seeing lots of voluminous, face-framing layers – definitely a resurgence in ’90s-style haircuts,” says Marjan. “Bangs are still having a big moment, and curtain bangs are really trendy right now.” The great news? No matter the texture or length of your hair, this versatile look adds dimension and flatters virtually everyone. And while the style may look effortless, achieving that bouncy, lived-in look takes a fair bit of practice. To ace the technique, Marjan recommends styling your bangs with the GHD Rise Hot Brush ($239). “It’s the perfect tool to style both curtain bangs and voluminous layers because you can get that volume and body very easily, especially if you’re not good at doing a blowout on your own hair.”

ghd Rise Hot Round Brush

Rise Hot Round Brush, GHD

Price: $239


Low-Maintenance Braids

Curtain bangs are not your thing? Face-framing braids (as seen on social media sensation Addison Rae and countless other Gen Z trendsetters) create an equally eye-catching and retro-inspired statement – no salon visit required. In fact, zero-effort styles of all sorts are popping up all over the internet, and they’ve never been easier to recreate.  “We’re seeing more tutorials on social media that feature easy ways to style your hair, where you don’t have to put in a ton of effort,” says Marjan. Her recent elastic-less hair braiding tutorial is a perfect example: create a basic three-strand braid without detangling the ends, allowing the hair to naturally follow a braid pattern. Once the braid gets tight, open up one of the sections and pull your ends through the hole. Then, tug to secure. Genius!

Accessories Galore 

If there’s one thing Marjan is well-versed in, it’s the art of the hair accessory. In fact, the stylist partnered with Kitsch to create her very own rhinestone-studded accessories collection that includes scrunchies, barrettes, and of course, her signature statement hairpins. The must-have accessory on her radar for fall? “Wide elastic headbands are really cool,” she says. “They’re also really great if you’re covering up grown out roots.” But don’t get rid of your snap clips just yet: ultra-playful rainbow pins are poised to make a comeback. “Doing a stack of different colours is so fun.”

Everything 2000s 

As evidenced by the resurgence of chunky highlights, butterfly clips and mini braids, it’s clear the early aughts have made a comeback – and the look is here to stay for a while. One *major* throwback trend to keep an eye out for: crimped accent pieces. “I’m holding out for crimped tendrils,” Marjan says. But don’t rush to buy a hair crimping iron *just yet*. “Make a little baby braid and then take it out so it has a crimp-like texture.” Add low-rise jeans into the mix (if that’s your thing) and you’re all set.

The Netflix Effect

After a long period spent indoors, it’s no surprise that major hair trends are coming from our favourite streaming platforms. “Whatever comes to Netflix ends up being what’s trending,” Marjan says. “When Friends was on Netflix, ’90s trends were coming back. Everyone was getting the Rachel cut, and [recreating] Phoebe’s spiky ends. Now that Twilight is back on Netflix, I’m seeing a bunch of Twilight-inspired styles coming back.” Think Kristen Stewart’s loose waves, and Ashley Greene’s pixie cut. Marjan is also big on all the hair inspo coming from the new Gossip Girl reboot (buzzcuts, pastel pink hair, twists, and yes, curtain bangs).   “We’re all at home and everyone’s watching the same things. Whatever’s on TV is where everyone is going to gravitate.”

Warm it up

When it comes to hair colour, Marjan is leaning into warm tones for fall. “Go for coppers, warm chocolate-y browns and strawberry blondes. If you’re doing a dark colour, try a rich, mahogany type of brunette, or add a few face-framing highlights to brighten up the face.” If you lean towards cooler tones, Marjan recommends opting for a bronde shade – which hovers between dark blonde and light brunette tones, à la Khloe Kardashian. The most important thing to keep in mind? “If you’re changing your hair colour for fall, make sure that you’re not using damaging hot tools, because that can actually take a toll on the colour,” she says. “If you’re going to invest in hair color, you definitely want to make sure you’re investing in great hot tools so that the hair colour doesn’t fade.” Marjan recommends GHD tools, especially the cordless GHD Unplugged ($379), which is great for on-the-go hair touch ups. “It has a predictive temperature set to 365 degrees so it won’t damage the hair or alter the hair colour, which is amazing.”