Blonde hair is one of the most covetable hues out there. Natural blondes are envied, but bottle blondes can have just as much fun, and look just as good. We round up 5 reasons why you should take the plunge and finally opt for blonde hair, even if you’ve been thinking about it for years.

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1. To cover grey

Perhaps the most obvious of reasons. If you’re starting to see greys poking through, going lighter with
blonde hair might be your best bet to hide them. “Older women turn to blonde to make gray roots less noticeable,” explains Luis Pacheco, consulting colourist for Clairol Canada. “Blondes are often associated with youth (many brunettes are born with blonde hair which darkens with age) so an age-defying tip is to go lighter which is flattering to the complexion and recaptures the youthful look,” explains John Beeson, Colour Director at Sassoon Toronto. Hiding greys has never sounded so easy.

2. A lifestyle change

Switching your hair colour, whether it is a dramatically different colour or not, can be a huge change in your life. “A new colour can refresh a hairstyle or a classic cut,” says Pacheco.

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3. To add dimension

Sometimes one colour hair can look flat and boring. Upping your shade a notch or two lighter can really
enhance high lights and low lights in your hair. And you go a step a further and really have fun with the new blonde tones that are taking the fashion and celebrity world by storm. “Consumers are seeing celebrities and models with the new blondes and want to make the change on their own hair,” says Beeson. “The new pearl blonde tones for the fall/winter season (you can get the look from Sassoon’s Constructivist collection) work with many skin tones.” Think lilac, silver and gray-blonde for your next update.

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4. It’s easier than ever to transition to blonde hair

Gone are the days of cringing because going blonde could leave you with dry, damaged hair, or because of it’s high-maintenance rep. Stylists have new tricks to not only reduce the damage, but also give a much more natural look. “Using several shades and tones of highlights/slices can keep a new colour change very natural looking and can look discreet as it grows out, allowing months between visits,” says Beeson. Then be sure to keep up with you hair care regimen at home to makes sure your colour lasts even longer.


5. Because you’ve secretly wanted to be blonde for a long time

Probably the best reason for taking the plunge and lightening your hair? “Because you’ve always wanted to!” says Pacheco. To make sure you get what you want, always visit a salon and talk to a colourist. You can even take on blonde in stages, to protect your hair and ease into the look. And the worst-case scenario? You can always go back to a So, really, what’s keeping you from switching up your hair colour to a sunny or platinum shade of blonde?

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