Mistake #1: Misunderstanding your hair type.

“A lot of women are using the wrong products for their hair because they don’t understand their hair type,” says Greg May of Greg May Hair Architects salon in Toronto. “Often they think they have
thick hair, but what they actually have is fine hair but a lot of it.” And what happens? They use products created for thick, coarse hair and their hair gets weighed down and greasy. (The reverse happens often, too—women misreading their coarse hair when they don’t have a lot of it on their head).

How to resolve this mistake: Use that time at the salon wisely—rather than dishing on the
latest celeb gossip, chat to your stylist about your hair type and what products will give you the best results.

Mistake #2: Going overboard on shampooing and conditioning.

Women often shampoo way too frequently, says Greg, and at times this can affect the sebaceous glands in your scalp—it gives these oil glands mixed signals when you shampoo too often (and this may result in greasy hair or dehydrate it).

How to resolve this mistake:
Shampoo and condition only when and where you need it,” says Greg. Women “Use your common sense: if you’re going to the gym every day, use a gentle shampoo daily. But the average person should only shampoo about once or twice a week,” says Greg. Also, your shampoo should focus on the bottom half of your hair, and conditioning should target the bottom half of your head of hair. Oh, and some good news? Those premium bottles of shampoo and conditioner will last you longer if you start using the proper amount because chances are you’re using too much. “If your hair’s shoulder length, a loonie-size worth is enough,” he says. “Any more and you’re just pouring money down the drain.”

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Mistake #3: Getting fringe trims to stretch out the time between haircuts.

“A fringe trim is OK when you’re still within the three-month cycle of hair maintenance,” says Rocky Handspiker, owner of Modern Lovers salon in Toronto. “But people who skip haircuts for a ‘
bang cut’ often don’t realize how unkempt it really looks—beauty corners are not to be cut,” he says.

How to resolve this mistake: “A fringe trim is acceptable once between each maintained haircut,” says Rocky. As a rule of thumb, most haircuts last eight to 10 weeks before they start to lose their shape, so you should have an appointment with your stylist for a cut about every three months.

Mistake #4: Using the same old hair products you’ve been using for ages.

“Currently the trend in hair is movement, wave or texture. But for the past 10 years or so we have been flat ironing the hair and using serums or silicone-based smoothing products, but these products are not your friend when you’re trying to get movement,” says Kevyn Martell, brand manager for Kevin Murphy. Silicones will in fact work against the look you’re aiming for, he says.

How to resolve this mistake: Ditch the silicon products if you want more movement. Kevyn recommends using an oil-free, weightless
volumizer (he suggests
Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity setting lotion) for long-lasting results.

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Mistake #5: Demanding the hot hairstyle of the it-girl du jour.

“Just because a mullet, or whatever the trend may be, may look good on one person because of her long face, this trendy look might not look good on you,” says Greg.

How to resolve this mistake: Be wary of trends and with the help of your trusted stylist, develop a good understanding of your hair type and what suits your style, face and body, says Greg. Kevyn agrees. “People don’t put enough time and thought into their hair, but it’s an accessory. You should work with a stylist who can give you a look that compliments your face shape and lifestyle, a cut that you feel comfortable with, and that you can work with on a daily basis,” he says. He recommends having a good chat with your stylist before your cut to be sure you’re both on the same page.

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