Frustrated with the way your hair looks or feels? The answer to all your mane woes could be found on your scalp. “Scalp health is an important aspect of how healthy your hair can ultimately be,” says Dr. Christina Han, a Vancouver-based dermatologist and the medical director of Canadian haircare brand XYON Health. “A healthy scalp is one that is devoid of inflammation, excessive flaking and oil, [whereas] scalp issues can impact the follicle and lead to premature breakage, shedding and suboptimal growth. Therefore, having a healthy scalp is a requirement for healthy hair—these two go hand-in-hand.”

Now, you may not need to add a 10-step scalp care routine to your day on top of what is already likely an extensive skincare regimen, but you should be thinking about your scalp—which is, after all, an extension of your skin—in a similar way. And to do this, Dr. Han recommends starting in the exact same way you’d start with the face on your skin. “Understanding your main scalp concerns are critical to really harnessing the benefits of scalp care treatments,” she says. “In this way, the user is able to take advantage of ingredients that will most address their concerns. Find ingredients that are rooted in science and address these scalp concerns.” These ingredients will vary depending on your skin type and scalp concerns, but Dr. Han points to ingredients like anti-inflammatory rosemary extract (which also combats signs of thinning) and soothing ginger-root extract as examples. 

With that information in mind, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite scalp-care products that have earned a spot in our cabinets.