“The first rule for keeping your coloured hair looking fresher longer is to not have it done right before you go on a beach vacation!” says New York-based TV hair guru Nick Arrojo of TLC Network’s What Not to Wear. “But if you’re like most of us,” admits Arrojo, “you like to look great — beach or no beach.”

1 “Protect your hair from sun damage by using a leave-in conditioner or mask,” says Arrojo. “The sun can’t penetrate through the product as easily.”

2 “Use spray-on colour-extending products such as hairsprays, detanglers and liquid treatments with UVA/UVB filters. Spritz into hair and comb through with fingers once every two to three hours.”

3 “Slick hair back with an alcohol-free gel and tie into a ponytail,” says Arrojo.

4 “Always pack a sun hat. It’s the easiest way to keep your colour from fading.”

5 “Chlorine strips colour, so if you’re swimming in the pool this summer, rinse your hair with fresh water as soon as you get out. Then wash it with shampoo later on to get rid of the harsh chemicals,” recommends Arrojo. “Skip the blow-dryer, though; it’s more hip to have loose, casual, messy-looking hair.”

Colour tips for all year long
Danny Lapointe, co-owner of Coiffure l’antête salon in Trois Rivières, Que., says that sun exposure wreaks havoc on every hair colour: blond hair gets brassy, brown hair gets dull and red hair fades the fastest. Here’s how to keep your colour looking fresh throughout the year.

1 “Use professional salon products-shampoos, conditioners and deep-conditioning treatments-that are specifically designed for colour-treated hair. It keeps your colour shinier longer, like the way it looked on the day you had it done in the salon,” says Lapointe.

2 “Use styling products that protect hair from outside elements such as pollution, UVA/UVB rays, dirt and wind and from the heat of blow-dryers and irons.”

3 “Choose deep-conditioning treatments that contain pigment deposits to boost colour. Use once a week.”

4 “Maintain your colour every four to six weeks. The hair grows a quarter to a half inch every month, so regular services keep it looking fresh,” says Lapointe. “You’ll eliminate roots and have healthier, more manageable hair.”