Let’s get one thing straight—a fringe isn’t just about one of those cool bang hairstyles—it’s about an entire lifestyle. Made famous by the sensational stories of Elizabeth Taylor, Kate Moss and Jessica Biel (and The Beatles if you want to go there), a classic fringe with straight bold bangs requires a fiery personality to balance out the look. For those of you confident enough to contemplate a daring cut, we list the top five reasons to take the plunge and enter the world of the fringe with these expert hair stylist tips.

11 rules for BANG HAIRSTYLES

1. The power of change

Never underestimate what even the slightest
transformation in your hairstyle can do to boost your confidence. “For those a little weary of scissors, getting a fringe is the easiest way to get change without taking off length,” says Lora Sousa—Owner and Hair Stylist at Fringe Hair Salon in Toronto. The great thing about
bang hairstyles is that you can keep the length of your locks while completely altering your look—and if fringe hair doesn’t end up being your thing, you can always let it grow out. “If you’re bored with your long hair but not ready for the big chop, a fringe can drastically change your hairstyle without losing years of hard hair growing,” says Andie Maddalozzo—Co-Owner and Hair Stylist at Bangs Salon in Vancouver.

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2. The oldest anti aging trick in the book

Okay, sometimes fringe hair can have benefits beyond the look of your tresses—
on-trend bang hairstyles can transcend the boundaries of beauty and help disguise the signs of aging. “It’s way cheaper than Botox. See a frown line? Get bangs, now it’s gone and there’s no botulism in your face,” says Maddalozzo. You can upgrade your look in two ways for the price of one by slicing your mane in the front to cleverly (and stylishly) cover wrinkles and fine lines. “A fringe is very youthful, it will make you look and feel younger and who doesn’t want that?” says Sousa.

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reasons-to-get-a-fringe-0002.jpg3. Go from wallflower to power chic

Again, fringe hair doesn’t have to be just about the cut—it can be about enhancing your overall appearance and attitude. (Remember—bangs are a
lifestyle.) “To add some edge. If you’re feeling like you want to bring some more drama to your look, a strong fringe can do just the trick,” says Maddalozzo. For example, switching from long strands to a
glam bob with blunt bangs draws attention to your hair and face while increasing the “notice-me value” of your presence when you walk into a room.


Fringe hair can also indicate that you’re fashion forward and willing to experiment with new bang hairstyles you wouldn’t normally attempt. “If you’re in the market for something a little more trendy, add a fringe to your current hairstyle,” says Sousa. Emilio Pucci, Anna Sui and Louis Vuitton played with fringe hair during their Fall 2013 runway presentations, instantly elevating of each model’s unique style for an unforgettable look we’re still dreaming of this season.

4. Bring out your face shape

When you decide to get fringe hair, you can ask your stylist to match the structure of the bangs to your natural face shape. “Getting a fringe can complement your face shape and draw attention to your eyes,” says Sousa. The right type of fringe hair will bring out the splendor of your face shape and your eye size and colour—creating a look you won’t achieve with just makeup and styling products alone.


5. Ease your hair styling woes

Truth be told, bang hairstyles open the door to a brand new range of edgy design options you can’t get with other cuts. Plus—if done right—bangs automatically look amazing without the hassle of shaping an entire head of hair. “If you have a good fringe, you can always be a little slack on the styling of the rest of your hair—toques and ponytails look much more polished with a well done fringe,” says Maddalozzo. Adding bangs to the mix can also intensify the
texture of your hair because they tend to be thicker and wider than full-length strands. Bottom line: this will lower the beauty budget you would normally spend on volumizing hair care products—now that’s what we like to hear!

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