We don’t know about you, but
wavy hair is something we’re pretty sure every woman covets at one point in her life. The other thing we so desparetly want? Those waves to look impossibly natural. Like we just emerged from a crashing wave on the beach with a messy set of sea-sprayed waves. Sounds a little like a James Bond scene, no?

But you don’t need a beach and a movie set to get those natural waves. We enlisted the help of Alain Larivée, John Frieda’s creative consultant in Canada for tips on how to not only get wavy hair, but the most natural wavy hair you can dream of. Read on for his tips.

“Natural waves are a soft smooth surfaced rippled like effect created by brushing out either soft natural or ‘man made’ curls or by sculpting motion in wet hair,” says Larivée. So let’s get on and create those perfect waves.

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Wavy hair: The classic natural wave

“There are a few ways of creating natural looking waves in your hair even if you are not blessed with loose genetically passed down curls,” says Larivée. “One can either roller set or finger wave gelled up wet hair or use a thermal styling tool like a deep wave or curling iron on dry hair.” But take note – Larivée says you will need to devote extra time to make sure you get these just right. “Wet to dry styling like roller setting or finger waving will give your hairstyle the ultimate longevity but the process is very time consuming and the outcome has a more classic finished appearance.”

Wavy hair: Modernize your natural looking waves

Two things we want – natural looking waves and we want them in a flash. Could this actually happen without having to pull some sort of magical hairstyling spell? It can – here are Larivée’s best tips for
making your hair wavy, quickly.

Step 1:
After a shampoo and conditioner, it will be all about the products you use to keep your wavy hair looking soft, natural – yet still hold up throughout the day. “You’ll first need to work a salon caliber styling product that will both protect your locks from heat appliances and that contain heat activated flexible polymers,” advises Larivée. Try John Frieda Fine to Full styling spray.


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Step 2: “Apply this styler on clean towel dried hair and blow dry using a vent brush,” says Larivée.

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Step 3: Once your hair is completely dry, “take combed out 1/4’” to 1/2" horizontal slices of hair and wind around a medium sized barrel curling iron, make sure to smooth out the ends,” says Larivée. Repeat this for the rest of your hair. Then let your curls/waves cool. Try your best not to touch them!

Step 4: “Brush out your cooled down curls with a natural bristle hair brush and mist from an arms length with a flexible hold styling spray,” explains Larivée. Brushing out the curls/waves will give a softer, more natural vibe. If you’re after a more piecey I-just-came-from-the-beach look, lightly scrunch hair after using hair spray for a messed up look.


Step 5: This one might involve some restraint on your part. “Avoid playing with or pulling on your hair to maintain your hairstyle all day,” advises Larivée. So as much as you want to run your fingers through your new-found natural looking waves, keep the touching to a minimum, and trust that your wavy hair is in just the right place.

To freshen up your look at night – and add in a bit of extra oomph and volume — flip your head over and shake out your hair at the roots. Flip back over and spray with a bit more hairspray for hold. Try John Frieda Moisture Barrier “It’s every ‘clubber’s’ favourite finishing spray,” says Larivée.

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