We’ve twisted our hair into buns and topknots,
added crown braids, pulled it back into a wet look and messed it up into a big mass of wavy, textured curls. We’ve been there, done that. It’s time for a change. It’s time we give our strands a bit of a break and focus on getting healthy hair. And there’s something to be said for incredibly smooth, sleek and glossy straight hair. It screams healthy, whether it’s long, a medium long bob, or a chin-grazing short cut. And a bonus? It’s not boring – think deep side parts, polished ponytails and dead-centre parts. Here are 5 reasons why you need to start embracing
straight hair again.

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1. It’s fast. Really, it is.

“Straight hair is easier for flash drying (quick drying) so if you are one of those people who doesn’t like to put a ton of effort into your daily hair regime, straight is where it’s at,” says Philip Ferriera, Wella Professionals hair expert. “Some people may need to put a flatiron through it to seal the cuticle a bit more but it’s simple and quick.”

2. It will make your hair colour pop.

You dish out the cash to make sure your hair colour job looks natural and tonal all at once. Styling your hair straight will make those shades stand out even more. “When hair is straight and smooth, colours jump out and hair appears more shiny and healthy,” says Ferriera.

3. It can enhance your haircut.

“If you want a precision cut (think streamlined bobs, blunt ends), straight hair is optimal for it,” says Ferriera.

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4. Straight hair = healthy hair.

Not only will your hair look impossibly shiny and healthy, it will actually be good for your hair to keep it straight rather than twisting, knotting, braiding and curling – especially if your hair is already naturally on the straighter side or has a small wave. “It is a time saver if you have naturally straight
healthy hair,” says Ferriera. “It’s a great look for undone/ untamed/ wash-and-wear kind of days.”

5. You can rock the latest trends.

Pastel hair colours, “stone-washed,” as Ferriera calls them, are still a hot trend for spring and summer. The problem is, on frizzy hair, or hair that isn’t smooth, those colours can make the hair look dry, brittle and lifeless. “On straight, smooth hair it looks healthier and gives off more shine,” adds Ferriera.

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How to get smooth, straight, healthy hair

If you’re sold on giving straight hair a go, here’s how to make it happen with tips from Ferriera.

1. Start with a small amount of hair oil on wet hair (try Wella Professionals Oil Reflection ), applying from midshaft to end, combing it through to make sure it’s evenly distributed. Add a blow dry styling product as well. “The key is even distribution of the product for even results,” says Ferriera.

"Too many people throw their hair around when base drying, then hope for smooth results,” says Ferriera. “When working towards smooth straight hair you should always blow dry down the hair shaft promoting a smooth cuticle while working with a paddle brush in the same direction."

3. Finish off with another small dose of hair oil (but avoid applying near the roots). To ensure it lasts all day, run a flat iron over to really smooth out the cuticle, and your locks will be gleaming all day.


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