1) In the shower

Make your shower count for more than just a moment alone to ponder Charlie Hunnam’s acting prowess by using a shampoo that conditions while it cleanses. Pantene has introduced an innovation that is so major, it’s being infused into every shampoo in the Pro-V roster. The new formulation applies the nourishing qualities we love about conditioner to shampoo without a lick of the weight. Hair feels re-upped on the moisture front and shines as if you’ve coated it with serum—before you apply any styling products at all.


Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner ($6 each), at shoppersdrugmart.ca.


2) At the root

Don’t neglect your scalp in your hair-care routine. “The scalp is different from the hair and needs separate, specific attention,” says Kristjan Hayden, creative director for Aveda Canada. Aging, environmental stress and inadequate cleansing—like using shampoos that contain harsh sulphates that strip hair of natural oils—create an unfavourable scalp situ: Excess sebum is produced, leaving hair oily and dull. Aveda Pramãsana Protective Scalp Concentrate corrects this imbalance with a cocktail of seaweed extract (to control sebum), tamanu oil (an antioxidant to protect against free radicals) and lactobacillus (to strengthen the skin barrier). Copper, which has been shown to have antimicrobial properties, tops the bristles of the Goody Clean Radiance Brush to reduce product buildup. Your scalp (and hair) will thank you.


Goody Clean Radiance Brush ($16.47) at walmart.ca, and Aveda Pramãsana Protective Scalp Concentrate ($57), at aveda.ca.


3) Where it’s broken

Keratin, the protein that makes up 80 percent of hair, is the hero ingredient in all Gliss products. The new-to-Canada hair-care line worked with a German science institute to conduct deep analyses of protein structures, identifying the ones that are identical to human hair—a necessity if you want to actually rebuild keratin (i.e., get strong, shiny hair)—and incorporating them into each of its products. “If it doesn’t mimic your hair keratin, it’s almost like putting putty in. It’s not repairing and strengthening; it’s a quick fix instead of a real fix,” says Jennifer Harris, a senior scientist at Henkel Consumer Goods Inc., which owns the Germany-based brand.


Gliss Hair Repair Ultra+ Moisture Express Repair Conditioner ($10), at shoppersdrugmart.ca


4) With a shield

“In the summer, it’s especially important to protect your hair in harsh environments, such as busy cities where the pollution is heavy and there’s exposure to the elements like UV rays, changing temperatures and humidity,” says New York City-based Kevin Mancuso, global stylist and creative director for Nexxus. Mancuso recommends Nexxus City Shield Damage Defense Crème, a hair-finishing cream loaded with wheat protein and Indian lotus extract, which forms a protective barrier—like wearing a sun hat on the beach.


Nexxus City Shield Damage Defense Crème ($19), at londondrugs.com.


This article originally appeared in the Summer 2017 issue of ELLE Canada.