Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Beyoncé … so many
celebrities these days are making the big chop and snipping their hair into super short pixie haircuts. And they all look so good. Doesn’t just give you the itch to trim your hair a little bit more? The question is, will you be able to style your pixie
haircut once the length is gone? The answer is, yes, says Cody Alain, hair and makeup artist for Page 1 Management in Toronto. “I love how versatile this hair can be,” he says. “Also the woman wearing a pixie cut is not afraid of making a statement. It really opens up the face allowing the features to be highlighted.” Ready to take the plunge (or have you already)? Here are tips on how to style your pixie haircut.

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“A pixie can be exciting and easy to work with as long as you have
the right cut for your texture of hair,” explains Alain. “Have a consultation with your stylist prior, especially if this is your first time. You may opt to go a little bit longer or agree with your stylist to come back for a touch up within a week depending on how your hair reacts.”

4 ways to style a pixie haircut

1. Slick it

Think Jennifer Lawrence during her recent Hunger Games promo tour when she smoothed her locks into a shiny coif. “While the hair is damp or wet apply some smoothing or styling cream such as Tresemme Smooth & Silky Anti-Frizz Secret Crème,” says Alain. “Ensure the product is distributed evenly through hair so that the finish is the same all over. Next create a dramatic side part using the arch of the eyebrow as your starting point. Brush or comb the hair over to achieve a polished look. Combs will create texture while brushes will leave a sleeker finish.”

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2. Flip it back

Jennifer Hudson just did this style best at the most recent People’s Choice Awards, with a soft bouffant look to her hair as it was swept back from her face. Alain suggests playing with different textures (think slick and smoothed back like the wet look on the runways, or puffier and more natural). “Depending on the desired texture apply either styling cream (for a slicker finish) or a light weight mousse like Aveda Phomolient (for volume and texture) to damp hair,” Alain advises. “Hair can either be racked back with your fingers or a wide tooth comb and left to set or using a blow dryer can add additional messy texture. Finish with a light hold hairspray.”

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3. Wear it forward

Switch up your usual style, and pull your pixie hair forward for a different take, then play with texture. See images of Emma Stone during her best pixie haircut days for inspiration. “As with styling it back choose the appropriate product and allow to set or blow dry,” says Alain. “To add additional texture once hair has dried, apply a small amount of a molding paste or balm such as Sebastian Craft Clay. Rub between hands for about 5 seconds and distribute lightly and evenly through hair.”

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4. Braid it

Once you chopped your hair length off, you probably thought braids were a thing of the past. Not so. “If your bangs are long enough adding a
French braid to the front of your hair can really add versatility to this cut,” says Alain.

The key to keeping it fresh

It could be easy to keep your hair the same everyday since it’s such a low-maintenance look. But accessories can be your new hair BFF. “An
ornate head band, a vintage brooch or earrings turned into a clip keep it easy and also dress up a pixie if need be,” suggests Alain.

And as the look grows out?

“Style it much like you would style it when it’s fresh,” says Alain. “Certain styles may become easier (braiding or slicking) as it gets longer while others (back or forward) may require a trim to achieve.” Either way, there are no shortages of style when it comes to short pixie hair.


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