If the fall/winter runways were any indication, we’re about to see a lot of hair length lost over the winter – and that’s a good thing when it comes to hair style. Whether you already have short hair or you’ve been toying with the idea of trimming your tresses, we put together fresh new ways to style shorter strands this winter.

For inspiration we turned to Beverly Hills-based celebrity hairstylist Cristophe, and asked him how to inject some energy into short hair this season. He shared his take on how to give more closely-cropped tresses a simple but stylish twist. “Hair is very minimalist this season. It is simplicity, shine and softness that make shorter hair styles chic,” he says.


1. Stylish simplicity

If you have close-cropped hair you can add interest to your look with a few simple changes, Cristophe says. A pretty pixie cut usually means wash and go, but why not get a little more creative with your hair style this season? Use a small amount of volumizing spray all over to give hair some extra body and a few drops of argan or monoi oil for shine (
these multipurpose oils are great for combating winter’s dry air). Blow dry everything from the crown forward with a round brush while keeping the ends straight and flat. Finish by directing the hair to one side. The result is a more textured, messy-chic look that doesn’t sit quite as close to the head (think Michelle Williams). Add some small metallic barrettes or a thin headband to further freshen things up.

Image of Michelle Williams courtesy of Bang Media.


2. Sexy volume

For anyone with a choppy, chin-length bob, Cristophe suggests adding sex appeal and lots of extra volume to this hair style. “This is a versatile style for short, wavy hair yet it’s not always thought of as being sexy,” he says. To make it sexier, use some volumizing spray on the roots and some smoothing serum on the ends for shine and softness. Start with the sides and, using a round brush without lifting the roots, blow dry the hair down and straight (all the way down to the ends) and once hair is almost dry start to increase volume at the roots. Blow the front forward then redirect it to one side and finish with a little hairspray on the brush for light hold. For inspiration picture
Glee’s Diana Agron when she first debuted her shorter, sexier strands.

View our favourite celebrities rocking shorter hair looks in our gallery.

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3. Textured on top

Short hair need not be boring – especially this winter. One of the best ways to keep things interesting and eye-catching is with texture, especially on the top, Cristophe explains. “
Hair that is shorter on the side and at the back is both strong and sophisticated,” he says. It is also a versatile cut for a variety of face shapes (especially oval and more angular). Freshen up the look even further with texture and volume on top (think Even Rachel Wood’s current cropped, tousled on top look). Start by working some mousse through your hair, being sure to cover the entire head. Then dry with your hands while lifting the roots at the top off the head. Finish with some texturizing paste for definition and add a quick blast of heat from your blow dryer to ensure all-day hold.


4. Fresh and funky

If you are in search of a style that is both fun and youthful, and you have a cropped cut, Cristophe suggests taking inspiration from Ginnifer Goodwin’s latest locks. “If you’re looking for something kind of funky, this is it,” he says. “The shortness of the haircut, combined with the slightly disconnected look and super-textured finish give you a strong sense of style,” he explains. To achieve this fashion-forward style, add some mousse for volume (about a quarter size amount). Blow dry the front forward using a round brush to get hair shiny and straight, and dry sides and back downward so they sit close to the head. Finish with a texturizing paste for hold and to add further interest to the overall look.

No matter what style you choose, short hair can be one of the most versatile looks to work with. Whether you have a wavy bob, cropped pixie or a messy but sexy style, have fun with your shorter strands this winter.

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