Check your digestive health, say Maryska Taylor and Rachel Corradetti, naturopathic doctors who founded Clinic Intrinsic, a mobile naturopathic service. “You can’t grow lustrous long hair if you aren’t absorbing any of the nutrients needed to do so,” says Taylor. Gastrointestinal issues and an imbalance of gut flora (which can arise from long-term use of painkillers and antibiotics, respectively) can prevent nutrients from being fully absorbed by the body, says Corradetti. Taylor recommends fish oil to help quell inflammation and a bitter like gentian to stimulate stomach acid, which is needed to break down the protein in food for more efficient digestion. You may see changes in a month, but Corradetti advises sticking with it for at least three.

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Hairstylist Amber Fairlie, creative director for the Manor Salon in Toronto, says the secret to a natural lengthy look is in the application. Depending on the client’s hair, budget and fantasy hair dreams, Fairlie works with heat-fusion or cold-fusion (in which hair is attached via a tiny metal silicone tube rather than with heat or adhesive) techniques. Both are suited for naturally straight or wavy hair. When you’re seeking a stylist, Fairlie recommends checking out their online profile, including Instagram photos of their work and client reviews, and booking an initial consultation. Although extensions are a legit quick fix (costing from a few hundred bucks to over a thousand), they aren’t for everyone. “You have to commit to taking care of them,” she says. This means using professional products that aren’t overly moisturizing (the oils will cause your extensions to slip out) and a proper extension brush to detangle hair, such as the Tangle Teezer ($25), and sleeping with your hair pulled up in a loose ponytail.

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