Waterproof mascara:

This is a no-brainer. You can still look hot while sweating it out on the eliptical — if your mascara isn’t running down your cheeks. Keep your peeper perfectly winkable with mascara that is waterproof and sweat-proof. It will also stay put post-workout.

Shiseido The Makeup Advanced Volume Mascara in Black, $27 at department stores across Canada.

Rosy flush:

Chances are you will already have an amazing glow that only a cardio workout can give. So nix the powder blush and opt for a tint to enhance the glow and continue your natural flush post-gym. Added bonus — this stuff won’t budge, so while you perspire away and wipe your face with a towel, your cheeks stay rosy.

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, $35 at select The Bay and Shopper Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques across Canada, Sephora.

The ouchless ponytail:

Nothing hurts more than a ponytail being ripped out by an elastic. Keep your tresses back and out of the way with coated elastic bands that stay put when they need to and slide out with ease when you want them to.

Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics, $4.69 for 30 2mm elastics at drugstores across Canada.

Stay put foundation:

Some go sans makeup altogether when hitting the gym — others may want a little coverage while they are working out without looking too made up, or having it all sweat off. Keep your face looking flawless with a light-weight, stay put foundation like Clinique’s Superfit Makeup. Its special microfibres actually help absorb moisture on the skin — without clogging pores. It’s ideal for during a workout and after if you don’t have time to shower.

Superfit Makeup, $26.50 at Clinique counters across Canada.

Hit the showers:

You won’t smell like you just came from a gym if you use a fruit scented body wash. The aroma will also invigorate you even more and a body wash with gentle exfoliants will leave your skin super smooth and soft.

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish, $20 (200 mL), at The Body Shop across Canada.