jared-leto-hair-crushWho else is crushing on Jared Leto and his envy inducing hair? Image courtesy of Getty Images.

Ok. I am fully aware that this may sound weird. But I am going to just go out and say it. Jared Leto is a hair god. Seriously. I am obsessing and crushing on Jared Leto’s hair. I mean, LOOK at it. That
gleaming mane of perfectly tousled curls (that’s effortless, beachy curls done right, btw, friends). And it seems the more red carpet appearances that he’s been making for his new flick
Dallas Buyers Club, the shiner it gets. That perfect centre part.
That ombré. Ladies, you need to take a picture of Jared Leto into your salons and say you want his perfect ombré. It’s what women clamour to the salon for and spend hours under the hands of a hair stylist to achieve. It makes me, a natural blonde, want to dye my hair brunette with blonde tips.  As a fellow ELLE staffer said to me yesterday as we looked at multiple pics of his hair (we spent a good 30 minutes analyzing it), "He’s a hair god and I bet he doesn’t even know it." It’s that good.
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