With stunning gowns and statement jewellery on nearly every starlet at the Golden Globes this year, it was hard to notice much else, except when it came to hair. Hair became a show-stopping accessory with chic curls, super shiny locks and gorgeous up ‘dos. ELLECanada.com found the secrets to these impeccable styles thanks to celebrity hair stylist Robert Vetica, who created these looks for Salma Hayek and Kyra Sedgwick.

Salma Hayek
To create Salma’s sexy and slicked back style, Vetica started with wet hair. “I worked in MOROCCANOIL through to detangle and smooth out any split ends and then dried the hair straight using MOROCCANOIL Styling Cream to give a brilliant shine a smoothness,” he explains. Since Salma was the lucky lady to have a special Bucheron $250,000 diamond hair wrap that was made for her, Vetica knew the look was going to be pulled back into either a ponytail or chignon.

How to get the look
“I pulled the hair back into 2 pony tails, the first ponytail from ear to crown to opposite ear pulled back into a low pony at the nape,” says Vetica.

Pull the remaining hair into a second ponytail, directly on top of the first, back combing it to give extra lift.

Both ponytails were then braided, turned under and attached to the head at the nape of the neck.

“This double braid gives the effect of thickness and texture. I then wrapped the diamond band around this double braid for a whole effect that is simple but tres chic!” says Vetica.

Kyra Sedgwick
Kyra’s gown choice helped Vetica decide which direction to take with her hair. Her Oscar de la Renta gown with a deep neckline that showed off her slender frame and gorgeous makeup.

“Kyra Sedgwick’s look was reminiscent of Rita Hayworth, but more delicate and not as tightly curled,” explains Vetica. “I then pulled it back to show off her face with cascading hair when she turned. We wanted the hair down but still elegant and Hollywood-ish and fresh.”

How to get the look
Kyra’s hair was blown smooth with a touch of MOROCCANOIL and directed away from the face using a strong spray gel which held the hair away from the face. “The back of the hair was curled inward to create wave and volume,” explains Vetica. Heat styling spray was used for protection and a firm hold. “Since we wanted her hair to be away from her face, I brushed it back. From the front,” says Vetica. “You see a beautiful face and then cascading waves when she turns. When I finished the style, I rubbed a small amount of MOROCCANOIL Hydrating Styling Cream through my hands and smoothed out/added shine to refine the whole look.”