This summer’s beauty look is all about gorgeous glowing skin.

From New York to Milan (including shows like Chloé, DKNY and Dolce and Gabanna) the backstage scene was filled with models rocking a dewy, (somewhat) sporty, spa-fresh feel. This nearly naked look is about health and hydration. While some shows bordered on “alien,” we even love the extra-terrestrial-inspired radiance. the verdict is in, it is time to
embrace the season with luminous skin.

We breakdown the beauty tips and tricks to getting this “lit-from-within” glow this season without having that greasy, shiny or sweaty look.

Glowing skin beauty tip: Blush up

“A cream blush creates a more natural, glowing flush than a powder blush,” says Grace Lee, Maybelline makeup artist and contributor to the new television show
Make Me Over, Make Me Under. Lee suggests using a caramel coloured hue to get a bronzed, athletic flush as opposed to a bright pink or coral shade. “A warm beige or taupe can looks more natural and is easy to blend for that ‘no-makeup’ kind of makeup.” Lee says. This is especially true if you have
a bit of a tan, just saying.

Glowing skin beauty tip: Matte side

“There is definitely nothing relevant about a full-coverage base this summer,” says M.A.C professional makeup artist Diane Kendal. To lighten your look while maintaining full coverage, add a highlighting liquid to your foundation to create a flawless base that is still very sheer and youthful. To get the “ballet dancers, sweating elegantly” look at Damir Doma M.A.C artists blended a pearl cream base with a shine-mixing medium to create a dewy post-pirouette sheen.

Glowing skin beauty tip: 
Add the light

Channel your inner artist this summer and create
glossy and ethereal highlights. M.A.C makeup artist Lucia Pieroni created a “caramel, gorgeous face-chic, fresh and natural,” look at Chloé using honey-tone shades and a sheer application. Pieroni blended a gold eye shadow (can we say multi-purpose) over the temples, upper cheekbones, bridge of the nose and Cupid’s bow to create the sheer and glowing highlight. Cream highlighters are more dense and pigmented than illuminating lotions or creams, so only use them in high shine locations (like the top of your cheekbones) and be sure to diffuse and blend the colour.

To find out layering tricks and what will like your makeup stay put, read on to the next page…

0-glowing-skin-page-2.jpgGlowing skin beauty tip: Slip and slide
We all like to cut corners (we’ve all skimmed Coles Notes to impress our book club), but when it comes to applying your morning makeup it’s best to take your time and use a proper applicator and avoid just using your fingers. Oils on your hands can react with the formula in your foundation, preventing the makeup from setting properly and cause a mid-day run. Use a foundation brush for all-day coverage since sponges absorb more product and are harder to keep clean.

Glowing skin beauty tip:  Create layers
"Layering creams and powders can help eye shadow stay in place," says Jacqui Hutchinson, National Product trainer for Almay. Apply a cream formula first, and then set it by sweeping a veil of powder over top. "The cream base creates a smooth, dry surface for the powder to adhere to," Hutchinson explains. Added bonus? Layering a cream and powder eye shadow can intensify the pigment and really make the colour pop. We love creating a bold graphic line (in a bright turquoise or lavender) along the upper lash line.

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