There’s nothing quite as refreshing beauty wise than a freshly facial-ed face. Your
skin is glowing, plumped, soft and free of all those tiny imperfections. But ever notice how that feeling doesn’t seem to last very long? Without regular upkeep, it’s easy for your skin to fall back into its pre-facial shape (clogged pores, dull and dry). We enlist the advice of two facial experts – Todd Hewitt, senior director of the spa at the Four Seasons Toronto and Heather Vounnou, Training Manager at Dermalogica – to help extend the life of our facials.

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Get the most out of your first visit

Every minute of massaging and cleansing counts when it comes to your skin care treatments (whether that be a
facial, peel, laser or microdermabrasion). Hewitt says the best way to take advantage of that time is to come with an already clean face. “You want to get the most out of your facial. As horrible as it might sound, remove all of your makeup removed before you begin your treatment (including eye shadow and mascara). Why waste valuable treatment time? I would rather have the aesthetician get right to the treating of my skin!”

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Be proactive in your spa selection

One of the best ways to make sure you’re getting the best skin care treatments (and will have amazing results) is to brush up on your potential spa. “I would suggest that you only visit a spa or skin care center that customizes the treatment specifically to you. In order to customize a treatment your therapist should be performing a thorough consultation to determine how reactive your skin would be to any of the possible treatments you could be having,” explains Vounnou. And don’t be afraid to ask about your therapist’s qualifications and training. “I would also suggest that you ask whether or not the Spa or skin center regularly invests in ingoing training and education for their therapists. You really only want to invest your hard earned money in the hands of a true expert, not only will this ensure that you enjoy your treatment but it greatly reduces any risk of any trauma to the skin or body.”
Extend the life of your facial

You’ve been polished and scrubbed and are now a fresh, new glowing version of you. Now if only you could make that feeling and glow last. You can! Well, at the very least you can help prolong those clean pores and less
visible fine lines. “One should get a facial at least once a month for optimum skin health. Your skin should be glowing and nourished after your facial,” explains Hewitt. His number one tip for extending the life of your precious facial? “Continue to drink lots of water. Don’t book yourself with all sorts of engagements for the rest of the day where you need to apply heavy makeup. You just had all of
your pores cleaned and skin refreshed! Let the creams continue to work on the skin.” Vounnou also says nix the gym, sun and anything that makes you sweat. “Most importantly do not go to the gym, sauna, start spring cleaning your home or landscape your garden after you have a treatment. Try to stay relaxed and calm as this will prevent your body from become over stimulated leading to possible headaches, nausea or skin reaction. Try stay as Zen as possible.” Finally, skin care products are key to making sure your skin keeps that post-facial glow. “Purchase some quality skin care products to help maintain your skin. And if your budget does not allow for all products, at least purchase a daily moisturizer,” Hewitt advises.

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You splurge on a microdermabrasion or peel — make it last

“You should always follow the advice of your professional skin care therapist or doctor when it comes to post care for microdermabrasion or any other intensive peel,” advises Vounnou. “Most will give you formulations that contain an SPF as the skin will become more Photosensitive after this kind of procedure. Depending of the level of redness or erythema on the skin you may also need to use ingredients that reduce any neurogenic inflammation while helping to hydrate and protect the skin. Properly caring for the skin in this manner you will really ensure the longevity of your skin care treatments and prevent any adverse side effects.”


Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle will also make sure you retain that fresh from the spa look. “Enemies of your skin include prolonged exposure to sunlight, smoking and excessive use of alcohol,” explains Hewitt. To ensure that your skin care treatment has lasting results, “Stop using exfoliating products before you have your treatment. Avoid using heavy makeup for at least 12 hours after your skin care treatment (so think about the time of day you have the procedure),” says Hewitt.

The number one thing you need to remember for skin care upkeep? “Sunblock and keeping hydrated,” says Hewitt. “That is the first and most important step to keeping your skin looking younger and healthier."

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