MAC-ON-QUEEN(Images courtesy of M.A.C. Cosmetics)

You’re at World MasterCard Fashion Week and you’re in desperate need of a blowout, a manicure and/or some Zen time – where do you go? All week we’ll be sharing nail bars, salons and spas within easy walking/Uber-ing distance from David Pecaut Square.
M.A.C. Cosmetics 363 Queen St W, Toronto
Walking distance from David Pecaut Square: 11 minutes
Uber-ing distance from David Pecaut Square: 3 minutes Whether you want to be fully prepped for the street style photogs on stakeout or you get a last minute invite to post-show fashion week party, having your makeup on point is as essential as having your phone charger with you at all times. With situations like this, leave it to the professionals. The makeup team at M.A.C’s pro store on Queen West are fast, fashionable and most importantly, used to working on a variety of different skin tones and face shapes. (This is key to walking out looking like a more glam version of yourself, not like a completely different person.) M.A.C. artists are my go-to when I need a quick touch up or full face of fakery before a big night out – they are masters at adding false lashes and contouring to give you the nose Kim K wishes she was born with. Bonus: for each makeup application booked (fee is $50), you get to take home a mascara.
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