Tory Burch on her latest trio of fragrances

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Her inspiration for the notes, and what she loves just as much as developing the scent.

We caught up with Tory Burch to talk about her latest trio of fragrances: Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Rose, Jolie Fleur Verte and Jolie Fleur Bleue Eaux de Parfum ($128 each). 

“My mom is an organic gardener, and I grew up surrounded by flowers; three of my favourites were garden roses, lily of the valley and tuberose. We wanted each scent to represent one of the qual­ities [of a woman]. Rose is feminine and romantic, Verte [with lily of the valley] is tomboyish and a little bit more laid-back and Bleue [with tuberose] is elegant and understated.”

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“I definitely have an incredible visceral reaction [to a scent]. It’s not always something that I can identify; it’s more my intuition.”

“I love designing bottles as much as I love creating the actual juice. The lids are made with fretwork, which I grew up with. My parents always had it on their furniture.”

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