Charlotte Tilbury has shared a behind-the-scenes video of her Scent of a Dream fragrance campaign starring Kate Moss and it’s just as glamorous as we expected.

The commercial was shot outside London in some castle-estate hybrid we’re certain Lady Mary would give the thumb’s up to. In the video, Moss enters the room in Cavalli (naturally) while men and women fall at her feet. (Just your average day for Moss.) 

“Honestly, Charlotte really knew exactly what she wanted,” said choreographer Nathan Mitchell of the video.

The most important element for the British makeup artist was Kate. “For me, there was someone who could understand how to beguile the room, bewitch the room with their magic and that’s exactly what I want the scent to do and Kate has that magic naturally. At the same time she’s one of my favourite faces in the world,” says Charlotte in the video.

Kate’s reaction (and ours too), “AWWWWWWW.” Watch below: