“I think that women have a unique bond with a fragrance,” says Thierry Wasser, Guerlain perfumer. “It can be an ally, a close partner, a way to escape and feel joy…you share your life with it!”

How we bond with perfume is the sentiment behind Guerlain Mon Exclusif Eau de Parfum ($185 for 50 mL), an oriental-fougère blend of lavender, sandal­wood and toffee. It was launched without an official name; that part is up to you. “Giving women the opportunity to choose a name allows them to embrace the perfume and feel much more intimate with it,” says Wasser. The fragrance is sold with a set of stickers to brand the bottle yourself, but if you prefer something more permanent, Guerlain offers an engraving service. Now to come up with a name…

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