We at ELLE are as particular about home decor as we are about our wardrobes—which is why we were psyched to partner with beauty company Dans un Jardin for a limited-edition collection of candles, reed diffusers and perfume essences. 

ELLE Canada and ELLE Québec editors-in-chief Vanessa Craft and Julie Buchinger and fashion director Anthony Mitropoulos lent their creative powers to every step of the production process—from the mood board to the fragrance notes to the elegant packaging.




The three scents capture the varying facets of a woman’s life. Modern Romance is a musky floral with rose, geranium and jasmine notes—we recommend it for date nights; City Chic is a citrus (lemon and orange) meets sandalwood power scent; and In the Zen delivers major blissed-out vibes thanks to notes of bergamot, grapefruit and lavender essential oils. 

“We wanted the fragrance notes to speak to the different aspects of a woman’s life,” says Craft. 


From $15.95, at dansunjardin.com