Model and actress—and yes, sister to Cara—Poppy Delevingne has teamed up with British fragrance house Jo Malone London for a new collection, Queen of Pop. (For those Canadians who couldn’t get their hands on Poptastic, Delevingne’s first collaboration with the brand, this one will be available in Canada.) The release includes three colognes, three bubble baths and three home candles, all in gloriously fun limited-edition packaging. 

Below, Delevingne tells us about the scent she travels with to feel close to her husband, her love of baths and why she could never leave the house without perfume. 


“We are both British, and I think we are both a little kooky. Some of the reasons I fell in love with Jo Malone London are these fragrances, these names and these ingredients that they come up with—how kind of off-the-wall they can be. Sometimes I can be a little kooky too.”


“I wanted the three fragrances to be the ones that have the most meaning in my entire relationship with Jo Malone London; I have been wearing the brand since I was 18. Red Roses was my first cologne, my grandmother and my mother wore it, and so it’s always been woven into the fabric of my life in some way or another.

When I met my husband I was 21, and he was wearing Amber & Lavender. It’s a unisex cologne. He still wears it to this day. I always carry a bottle of it wherever I go. Whenever I miss him, I spritz my pillow or whatever it may be and it reminds me of him.

Peony & Blush Suede is a current favourite. It’s feminine but it’s got an edge to it, a little kick. I love wearing it for all different occasions; it helps me to feel strong and confident. Whenever I wear it, I always get the most compliments.”


Peony & Blush Suede Cologne ($95), Red Roses Cologne ($95), Amber & Lavender Cologne ($95), at and



“For both of my collaborations, I just wanted the collections to be the essence of fun. For Poptastic [Delevingne’s first collection with the brand] we were really inspired by confetti and celebration and I wanted this Queen of Pop collection to be a continuation of that fun. In terms of the packaging we were inspired by the play on the name ‘Queen of Pop’ and ‘Poppy’, and were really inspired by pop art and the early ’70s. That’s why we’ve gone with bright colours and geometric shapes, like the polka dots and stripes.”


“One of the things I love most in the entire world is bath time. It’s time I get to unwind and relax. We wanted to celebrate that. With the bubble bath and the candles, I think they go hand in hand perfectly together, and then you have your favourite cologne ready for when you jump out!”


“I wear perfume every day. To me, if I left the house without perfume it would feel like I left the house without my left foot. It would freak me out. It would feel like I was missing a link to my day and I would probably have a really bad day from that.”


“Do not smush your wrists together once you put fragrance on because it apparently distorts the fragrance. Spray it into the air and do a kind of shimmy-dance through it and that’s the best way to coat your body.”