When designer Michael Kors tapped his model muse and friend Lily Aldridge to star in the campaign for his new fragrance, Wonderlust, it was a major love fest. Here’s their exclusive chat about the project.

Lily Aldridge: “What inspired Wonderlust?”

Michael Kors: “I’ve made a few fragrances based on destinations—like Island, one of my first fragrances, and Sexy Rio—but this one was really about the journey. I love the idea that anything can happen. So that was a different approach for me.”

L.A. “Is there a cure for wanderlust, do you think?”

M.K. “No, and, frankly, I’m glad there isn’t. To work in a creative field and be successful, you have to stay curious. Travelling opens your eyes to so many different things in the world—it’s an endless source of inspiration.”

L.A. “What do you always bring with you on vacation?”

M.K. “Bain de Soleil Transparent Sunscreen Spray. It has a little bit of SPF, the smell is divine and it’s easy to use. And I never leave home without at least one pair of aviators. They’re a godsend after overnight flights.”

M.K. “Where’s your favourite place to escape to?”

L.A. “A quiet, remote beach with my family. I absolutely love going somewhere where I have no cell service. You have to put down your phone and enjoy the moment when you can!”




M.K. “Do you collect souvenirs?”

L.A. “I always bring home a local treat when I travel, usually a bottle of olive oil or spices. We love to cook in my home, and it’s fun to incorporate the items I collect from around the world.”

L.A. “What do you make of this return to in­dividuality that is happening in fashion and beauty right now?”

M.K. “We have more people interested in fashion than ever before, and that’s a good thing. With the Internet and social
media, it’s like everyone is their own editor. They’re watching the shows, they’re reading the reports and they’re developing a true sense of personal style – what’s not great about that? Fashion is no longer this closed insider-only world. It keeps designers on their toes.”

L.A. “Do you think women worry too much about following fashion and beauty rules?”

M.K. “We’re so overinformed today; I think it’s easy for some women to get caught up in the rules and what’s ‘on trend’ and what’s not. I always tell my customers ‘If something doesn’t work for you or your lifestyle, walk away from it. When you try to force something, that’s when you start to make fashion mistakes. The best clothes, accessories and beauty choices are the ones that make you feel like your best self.’”

L.A. “How do you stay creative?”

M.K. “I’ve learned that nothing ever stays the same. It’s constantly changing, and, honestly, that’s what keeps me going after all these years. If every day were the same, I’d be bored. I’m curious by nature and a pop-culture vulture, so I read, see, watch and listen to everything. I always think that as long as you’re out there and en­gaging in the world, then there’s never a lack of inspiration.”



“You’re fearless, beautiful and always ready for an adventure – it’s your adventurous spirit that I wanted to capture for Wonderlust,” Kors told Aldridge of his inspiration for his latest scent. The result? Opening notes of Italian bergamot and almond milk, followed by florals like jasmine and heliotrope on a base of sandalwood. Michael Kors Wonderlust ($125 for 100 mL), at thebay.com.