Josephine Skriver is in a car when we reach her on the phone in New York. “I have a mobile office today,” laughs the Victoria’s Secret Angel, who is the face of the lingerie brand’s newest fragrance, Love. The scent – a fresh fragrance that contains notes of juniper, apricot blush (the flower that grows with the apricot) and “boyfriend tee,” the latter designed to smell like a shirt your man has just taken off – “took me back to my first kiss,” says the Danish model. “There’s something crisp about this scent, and it’s very subtle, and my first kiss was right before sunrise on a fall night, and it just really took me there.” (Editor’s note: if only our first kisses were as romantic.) Here’s what we talked about as she weaved through the streets of Manhattan.

What’s your perfume strategy? For me, it’s the first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing that I put on at night. I feel more naked without my fragrance than when I do without my clothes! It has to smell like me and this one, Love, is so easy to love – it’s so subtle, it’s perfect for fall, it’s perfect for any occasion.


There are so many types of love. I’m all for romantic love, but I feel like self-love is so important and often overlooked… It’s really, really important to put yourself first before you can be there for anybody else. For me, it starts mentally. This might sound a little bit weird, but I try and and give myself a morning pep talk in the mirror. I say three things that I love about myself. I feel like women especially can get really negative about ourselves and super insecure, so I try and start my day building up my confidence. When I do that, it’s easy for me to make the healthy choices throughout the day. It’s easy for me to deal with everyone else’s problems and all that. Because if you have the confidence and the self-love, that’s important.


Exercise is an important part of self love too. I love you and Jasmine Tookes’ joint Instagram account, JoJa, which shows how committed you are to working out. Not every model wants to share that… I’ve obviously been super lucky, but it also comes with hard work and I think it’s important for me to be transparent about that. Being an Angel is a full-time lifestyle and I’ve always been super active. I want to promote that for more girls, because it has been a big issue in this industry, that you need to look “like that.” You know, we work hard! But you make sure you treat yourself as well. Me and Jas, we don’t like to call them cheat days, we call them “treat day!”



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What’s your favourite “treat day” treat? Me and Jasmine usually meet over pizza.


How pumped are you that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is in Shanghai this year?  I’m so excited! I just love the city. It’s so vibrant and sexy, and I’ve been there for a few fashion shows. I really feel like it might be the future fashion capital of the world. I think it’s such a perfect match for Victoria’s Secret and it’s time to get out there. And we’ve never flown this far; we’ve never flown this many girls, so it’s gonna be the biggest and the most insane show ever. I’m so impatient. I feel like it’s so far away!


You all actually go on the same flight, right? Yes! It’s so fun. The party starts like the second you board.


Do you have any superstitions before you walk? I write myself a little note and put it in my back pocket. Small things like, “please don’t let me trip.” A little wish, and it kinda usually gives me a little bit more confidence. The first time I did that, I booked the show, and it was my third time trying out. So I was like I gotta keep doing it. I’m gonna become really superstitious. You’re putting it out there in the universe, and hopefully it responds!




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