When real-life loves Jasmine Tookes and Tobias Sorensen walked on-set for Calvin Klein’s Eternity Now fragrance campaign, they noticed that the mood board

which sets a shoot’s tone — was covered with their Instagrams.

“We have so many,” says Tookes, laughing, when asked to pick a favourite. There’s Sorensen — and his six-pack — lifting her above his head; Sorensen’s six-pack again—this time with Tookes on his shoulders on a beach; and then one of the most-liked photos on Tookes’ account: the two lounging in bed together. (That one has inspired fan art: “People always write words on top of that photo,” says Tookes.

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(One that Sorensen remembers fondly: “Stop fooling around.”) This latest iteration of the classic floral fragrance (rather appropriately) celebrates new love. “We didn’t have to fake anything,” says Sorensen, who instinctively put his arm around Tookes when the campaign was screened in Toronto late this summer. “The chemistry was there.”



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