Much like a post-summer escape to a beachside Mediterranean resort, Wanted Girl – the new fragrance from Azzaro – is irresistible. The scent combines notes of fresh pomegranate with an exclusive ginger and orange blossom co-distillation. Sweet notes of dulce de leche and vanilla tonka bean finish it off with a sensual touch. “It’s floral, but it evolves, which makes it really day to night,” says New Zealand-born model Georgia Fowler, who is the face of the scent. Spritz lightly and prepare to feel like you’re back on vacation.

We met up with Fowler at the launch party in L.A, where she told us about feeling like the quintessential Azzaro girl, being gentler on herself for missing workouts and the alluring scent of a roast.


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AZZARO so proud to be the face of the new fragrance #TheMostWanted ?✨

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On Azzaro: 

The Azzaro girl, she’s confident. She’s sexy, but she’s still playful. She has fun, she goes out and lives life to its fullest. Being chosen as the face of a fragrance like this, it just really felt like me. When we were filming the commercial, it felt very natural.

On scent memories:

I’m really attached to smells. We all want to smell good; we want to walk into the room and have someone say, ‘You smell great.’ Growing up, I was definitely stealing my mum’s [perfumes]; she used to have the Jean Paul Gaultier one. At school, we were all into Britney Spears Fantasy, J.Lo Glow and those fragrances that weren’t even really fragrances, they were more like deodorant. We’d spray them all over ourselves and have them in our school bags. 

On the smell of home:

I just love the smell of the beach, it’s where I feel most at home. Aside from that: a good roast meal. I never cook a roast for one in New York. Coming home to a room full of family and a roast dinner just smells like love.

On skincare: 

I have started going and getting more facials. I used to be very much like, ‘mehh,’ but you know, everyone’s getting older so we need to take more care of our skin. I tend to do very natural ones, though. There’s a facialist here in L.A. called Melanie Grant and she does facials with all-natural products. She will do a mask that will exfoliate but isn’t crazy. It’s more about fruit acids. 

On fitness:

I always try and mix up my workouts. I find that’s when your body best responds and also, it keeps it interesting for yourself. I really enjoy working out with a trainer, but he’s often away and I’m often away, so to keep myself motivated, I just do a lot of classes. I love Pilates, I love boxing, I love doing weights. You always feel better after you do it, even if it’s really hard to get done it before. 

There are times that I’m trying to be a bit kinder on myself for missing [my workouts]. For instance, this week I landed from Europe at night, and the next day I was shooting from 7  a.m. to 9 p.m., so I couldn’t do it that day, and I couldn’t do it the day before because I was on a plane. The next day, I was shooting again, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. So it’s not easy. For me, it isn’t even so much about the body, it’s about having a little bit of time just to breathe and get off the phone.