Every year Diptyque takes on the challenge of distilling the essence of major global cities into a single olfactory experience. The annual limited edition City Candle Collections take signature scents of destinations around the world and turn them into aesthetic and fragrant home decor pieces that pay homage to its namesake.

The same eleven cities are typically featured every year, but the fragrance changes to reflect the vibrant, evolving landscapes. The idea is that the candles will only be available for purchase in-store in the corresponding city as a special souvenir. However, for one week out of the year, all are available for purchase online, and today (Thursday, June 20) marks the start of that week.

This year, the eleven cities being honoured are Berlin, Beverly Hills, Hong Kong, London, Miami, New York, Paris, Pekin, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo, with each scent spotlighting the native florals and trees encountered in each area.


The London candle is an ode to the summer flower market on Columbia Road, with notes of lilac and hyacinth, plus juniper, which we can only imagine is a nod to the dry gins the city is famous for. The vessels draw inspiration from the cities’ architectural details and landmarks, which in London’s case feature the stone florals of Victorian-era buildings.

The Berlin candle is a mix of linden and honey, reminiscent of a walk under the trees of Unter den Linden. The New York candle is sexy and mysterious like the nightlife of the city that never sleeps, with notes of vetiver, patchouli and cedar.

Of course, the Miami and Beverly Hills candles are more beachy, with notes of lemon in both. The Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai candles are similarly fresh, evoking Japanese gardens and tea ceremonies. The Seoul candle contains hibiscus and incense to pay tribute to Korea’s emblematic flower.

The candles retail for $115 and are available online until June 30.