In the new travel documentary NOSE, the House of Dior takes us on a two-year journey with Dior Perfumer-Creator François Demachy, as he travels to 14 countries on a quest for inspiration and the Earth’s most precious raw materials, from the February bergamot harvest in San Carlo to the May rose centifolia harvest in Le Clos de Callian. The French perfumier, better known as a “nose,”  has been designing fragrances for Dior since 2006.

From the French countryside to the coasts of Ireland, the film – a multisensory journey in itself – follows Demachy as he encounters passionate local producers along the way, granting a behind-the-scenes look at the mysterious métier.

Filmmakers Arthur de Kersauson and Clément Beauvais captured the slow time, the expert techniques, the close ties between Demachy and local suppliers, the moments of creation, and the collective unity that guides Dior’s fragrances.



The film highlights the meticulous work of those who help cultivate these natural materials, allowing precious craftsmanship and traditional expertise to live on. Above all, NOSE illuminates the importance of the human bonds that are forged over a shared desire to bring beauty to life in a scent. As Demachy says, “Dior perfumes would not exist in their present state if it weren’t for this human network. This exchange over raw materials, and these shared gestures, which are a part of perfume making, are emotionally powerful. Perfume in its essence is a human journey ”.


Poetic, rich, and diverse, NOSE takes us through the artistic inspiration and craft that is perfume creation. The film shows us that a great perfume possesses both a history and a soul.

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