As we enter the fall season, we might be losing the pep in our step as the leaves change colour and the temperature drops. To bright things up, we’re spritzing ourselves with a fun, new fragrance that is sure to brighten our mood.

Enter: Yes I Am Bloom Up—a fizzy cremoso scent that gives Cacharel’s beloved Yes I Am collection an uplifting spin. The buzzy scent includes an equally youthful and joyous campaign starring actress Skai Jackson. Known for her roles in Disney Channel shows like Jesse and Bunk’d, the youthful 21-year-old was the perfect fit to represent the sweet-smelling new fragrance.

“Skai Jackson is a role model for her generation,” says Sandrine Groslier L’Oréal Luxe Fragrance Brands President. Creative, independent, engaged, she represents today’s youth and their aspirations. We are beyond happy to welcome her to the Cacharel family.”

The new Cacharel scent brims with happiness, and is an invitation to self-elevation and feel-good vibes. Its energizing top notes of red berries accord and green mandarin super-essence give a happy and refreshing feel, mixed with blooming heart notes of addictive red peonies and solar orange blossom accord, and completed with an enveloping base of benzoin and notes of sandalwood essence. It’s truly optimism with a fizzy twist.

Below, our conversation with two of the brand’s perfumers, Honorine Blanc and Alexis Grugeon, about this newest launch.

Where did the inspiration for Yes I Am Bloom Up! come from? 

“We wanted to tell a new story for Yes I Am while preserving the DNA of the original. The original Yes I Am evoked glamour, feminine power and boldness, with a touch of youthful indulgence. For “Yes I Am Bloom Up” we wanted to keep this youthful and carefree spirit and so we played with the duality of the color red –  juicy and sparkling in notes of berries and seductive and lush with the peony. The heart of the idea is to maintain this duality of rebellious and joyful fragrances, embracing the duality of soft and strong which is a very appealing feeling.”

How does Yes I Am Bloom Up! differ from the brand’s previous fragrances?

“We’ve kept the olfactory signature of the “Yes I Am” range, with the heart of white flowers composed of an Absolue of  Sambac Jasmine and an orange blossom accord, which was close to our hearts, but we also wanted it to evoke the red color, which was the center of our new story. That said, we added a central bouquet of pulpy raspberry and a strawberry milksake, to keep the “cremoso” facet of the original fragrance. Finally, we created a Red Peony accord, energizing and modern. Yes I Am Bloom Up is a new iteration of the Yes I Am woman, more vibrant than ever.”

What was your favorite part of working on Yes I Am Bloom Up!

“Bringing to life such a joyful concept and the next chapter of this beautiful story. It is always very invigorating to work on these types of projects – and we hope everyone loves them as much as we do.”

How do you recommend wearing Yes I Am Bloom Up?

“Yes I am Bloom Up! is a very versatile fragrance that suits any season. In general, for a better diffusion, you should always apply your fragrance on the warm pulse point of your body, like the neck and the wrist. And if you want to match the aesthetic of the fragrance, it might be nice to wear it alongside a vivid red lipstick.”

Yes I Am Bloom Up! Eau de Parfum


Price: $89 (50 mL)