Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo is always on the road. In the last month alone, she has been in New York, Singapore, Milan and back to New York. How does she do it? We got the Namibia native and face of the new I Am Juicy Couture fragrance to spill her secrets to surviving the #jetset life.

You’re always on the go! What do you always travel with, no matter where you’re going? I actually do always travel with perfume. You get off the plane and you’re like, “I need something.”

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What do you love about I Am Juicy Couture? This fragrance evokes this glamorous rebel in every girl. They can feel like they stand out and feel like they’re an individual and not be scared to kind of rebel against society a little bit. And you know, this fragrance is just fun! I think it’s a really easy fragrance that you can wear every day.

What’s something rebellious – that’s safe for publication! – that you’ve done recently? I have a tendency that when someone tells me to watch a TV show, because it’s really popular right now, I will rebel against it and not watch it until a year or two later. I just got into Game of Thrones.

What was one of your favourite fragrances growing up? I remember my first fragrance. It really takes me back every time I smell it. It was Charlie. But in general, other fragrances and other scents – your grandmother’s house has a specific smell and in Africa too, when it first rains, the ground smells so incredible. It’s such a distinct smell in my mind.

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What are some of your favourite food smells? My memories of my mom always cooking. If I could literally bottle my mom’s home cooking, I would.

Do you incorporate any beauty routines from your childhood into your daily regimen? Growing up in Namibia, my mom always made such a point of wearing sunblock. I always, always, wear sunblock.

What are some of your favourite products? Off duty, I’m fairly low maintenance. I’ve just recently been using Ling products. When I travel, I like to have like a very easy kind of routine. I use cherry lip balm. Literally I use like Burt’s Bees. Just really simple. Even coconut oil is really good. I like the way it smells too.

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Can you tell me any insider makeup tips you’ve learned? It’s so funny, after 10 years of watching people do my makeup, I still can’t do my own. I literally poke myself in the eye.

What do you always bring with you on flights? I only take carry-ons, I never check. I get so annoyed waiting for my bag, so the only time I pack a bag is if I leave for a month.

And what do you like to do for fun? When I’m not travelling, I love to be at home and go out with my friends, go out to dinner. I usually keep it pretty chill and love being home. Because I travel so much that I love being in one place longer than a week.

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