5 ways to emulate Dree Hemingway's cool-girl beauty

Dree Hemingway Is The Face of Chloé Fleur de Parfum


5 ways to emulate Dree Hemingway's cool-girl beauty

The It girl preaches less foundation and more authenticity.

‘Twas the night before my interview with Dree Hemingway, the face of Chloé Fleur de Parfum, and I found myself lost in the depths of her Instagram feed. The model/actress' stream of chic bohemian photos had me double tapping, wondering how I could also be this inherently cool. The next morning when the interview started, I was thrilled to discover our mutual love for vintage shopping (as one feels when they discover some level on which they can relate to a model). “I really wish I had more time in Toronto to explore all of the vintage shops!" she enthused. "You guys have so many!” 

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Hemingway (yes, she's the kin of esteemed American novelist Ernest Hemingway), is widely known for her laid-back attitude and no-makeup aesthetic. When I asked her about this, she laughed. “If you cover yourself up too much, your spirit can’t shine through!” But, of course! 

Here, four chic tips from face of Chloé Fleur de Parfum on low-maintenance beauty and living an authentic life.

On uniqueness:

“Sometimes it can be easy to get pigeonholed as a 'blond'. I got my septum piercing to be a little bit different, to let people know I’m not what they might expect. I got it pierced this past June, but I go through phases of loving it and wanting to take it out. That's why I could never get a tattoo.”

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On beauty muses: 

"[I admire] French women. I lived in Paris when I first started modelling and would observe their approach to beauty. Nothing is fussy. If they put a lip on, that’s it. They only accent one element. [I'm also inspired by] '70s beach vibes and my aunt Margaux; I have so many beautiful photos of her. I’ve always been attracted to the Chloé woman and her way of life,  the ease. It's light, delicate and free-spirited."


On her less-is-more approach to makeup:

“I think that it is really nice to let your natural colouring shine through. I never cover my cheeks with foundation or anything, and I don’t cover my eyes either, because I like the natural pigmentation that your body has. It's almost like your own natural eyeshadow.”


On the best beauty advice she’s ever received: 

"Laugh and smile everyday like you mean it; it's illuminating. And don’t pick your pimples."


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5 ways to emulate Dree Hemingway's cool-girl beauty