1. If your holiday season skews more Griswolds than Grimaldis, spritz on the newest fragrance in The Body Shop’s Voyage Collection, Italian Summer Fig Eau de Toilette Spray ($28 for 50 mL). A blend of fig, Tuscan rose, Italian bergamot, lemon and oakwood, this is an instant spray-cation from reality. “It’s like when you walk through small villages in Italy, there’s the scent of figs but it’s not too heavy,” says perfumer Constance Georges-Picot of her inspiration for the fragrance.

2. Giving back is just as important as smelling good. All of the Voyage Collection perfumes are made with fair-trade alcohol from Ecuador that was distilled from organic sugar cane.

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3. Choices. If Italian fig isn’t your jam, the col­lection has a squad of globe-trotting sister fragrances, including eaux de toilette Japanese Cherry Blossom, Atlas Mountain Rose, Fijian Water Lotus and Indian Night Jasmine (all $28 each for 50 mL).

4. Winter layers don’t just mean clothes. Shower gel, lotion and mist are available for each of the fragrances.

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