Every season has it’s signature beauty trends, and what we love about this fall in particular is the emphasis on a pared down and natural complexion. Even with dramatic eyes and smudged-out lips as this season’s top beauty trends, designers pretty much uniformly touted a matte, flawless complexion. And the experts agree it’s the perfect time for it. “Everyone needs a matte bronzer!” says David Goveia, Toronto-based makeup artist.

Goveia gave us his top tips on how to achieve smooth, matte skin this season.

Why matte skin for fall?
Funny enough, beauty trends tend to mirror the season for which they were created. So if it’s fresh, dewy skin for summer, then velvety, matte skin is the answer to winter. “In the winter, our skin loses dewiness, and the cold makes skin less oily,” says Goveia. “Matte skin comes naturally to some degree.” So the creamy complexions we saw at Lanvin and Valentino this season were right on cue with what Mother Nature intended.

Winter skin care for a soft, clean complexion

If skin tends to be oilier, start using a facial toner this time of year (skip right to your winter moisturizer if skin airs on the drier side). “You should adapt your skin care as the new season comes along,” advises Goveia.

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Next on the face is your primer—this is crucial for flawless skin. “It smoothes out skin, filling in any gaps and holes,” he says. “Every single woman should use it, even if you don’t use foundation.” This will set the tone for an even, matte complexion. “The look comes naturally in winter, but you need to help it out.”

Apply foundation to the middle of the face—centre of the forehead, nose, eyelids and cheeks. “The old idea of applying it from the hair to the jaw line is antiquated,” insists Goveia. And skip your regular golden bronzer here, too. “This look has nothing to do with bronzer.” Unless it’s a matte bronzer, of course. Try Benefit Hoola bronzer for an overall matte finish, and to prevent shine from forming on cheeks.

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Read on to find out how to get lasting flawless skin this season…

matte-skin-page-two2.jpgMatte, flawless skin is in
The trick to achieving a perfect-looking complexion is in how to conceal the not-so-perfect areas. For this, Goveia loves using concealer pens right over top any redness or under-eye dark circles. Try M.A.C. Cosmetics Prep Primer Highlighter pen, and gently dot over blemishes. “The least amount is better for concealing,” he advises.


For sheer, flawless coverage, use a powder to set the skin (again, apply a thin layer to the middle of the face, including the tip of the nose and front of the chin). Opt for a mineral powder to create the beautiful matte texture. “You use less of it and it stays where you put it.”

Add dimension to matte skin
Just because the beauty of the look is in matte, flawless skin, doesn’t mean you can’t play with shimmer—or colour!—in other areas of the face. “Make sure it’s not monochromatic throughout,” warns Goveia. Go for a beautiful creamy red lip—not a matte shade. “Add a touch of shimmer on the eyelid or brow,” he suggests. That way the entire look doesn’t appear flat.

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Impeccably groomed brows are a given for this look— and one of the season’s hottest beauty trends. “Perfect eyebrows are important because everything else is subtle.”

And keep cheeks the same tone as the rest of the face—use the matte bronzer to contour cheekbones, as opposed to applying a rose-tinted blush. “There should be no real colour on the face,” says Goveia. “Except for a red lip.”

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