“Looking flawless is all about enhancing what you have,” says Maryann Richardson, a makeup artist with Judy Inc. Think Penelope Cruz and Julia Roberts—these leading ladies always look stunning and most of the time it’s sans dramatic makeup. “You want to highlight your best features and bring those points forward,” says Maryann. How to do that? The Vancouver-based pro walks us through from start to finish.

Prep your skin. “Preparing the skin is the most fundamental part of any makeup process. This starts off with a good cleanser, toner and moisturizer,” says Maryann. She favours Vancouver-based line Skoah—“they have great natural skincare products that cater to individual skin tones and types. 

Make primer a priority. If you want your makeup to last longer, a primer is a good idea. Plus, it creates a barrier between the skin and the makeup, visually creating smoother surface. Maryann’s pick: MAC Prep Prime Line Filler.

Groom your brows. “Brows frame the face and can make such a difference when done well,” says Maryann. She recommends grooming the eyebrows from the arch down to the point with an eyebrow pencil and then with quick, light strokes feather through the whole eyebrow. As for what to use, she adores Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencils, which are available in five different colours.  

Apply foundation. You need an even base for the rest of your makeup. “For oiler skin tones you want to opt for an
oil-free foundation,” says Maryann, adding that drier skin will benefit from an oil- or silicone-based product. When selecting a colour, in the fall and winter, most women can use a silicone- or oil-based foundation in a lighter shade, whereas in the summer, you’ll want your foundation one shade darker in an oil-free format.

Conceal any imperfections. Maryann says there’s no set rules as to when you apply concealer, but she prefers putting it on after foundation. “When you put it on beforehand, you run the risk of spreading the concealer too thin, making for less coverage of a targeted area,” she says. Use your fingers as the heat from your skin warms the product up allowing it blend easier with your skin. As for her top picks when it comes to concealers? YSL Beauté Anti-Cernes and Touche Éclat. “They are so creamy, they glide on the skin without any creasing and they become waterproof when dry!” she says.

Add some colour to your cheeks with a cream blush.

Cream blushes have the most natural look and should be applied after foundation and before powder,” she says. Try Orgasm by Nars for a beautiful rose flush that works on most skin tones.

View a gallery of our top blushes.

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Apply neutral eyeshadow to your eyes and a sweep of mascara to your lashes. Go with warm, golden browns for your eyeshadow, says Maryann. She says you can’t go wrong with Christian Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Beige Massai—this palette’s neutral tones are universally flattering, harmonize well together and there’s even an eyeliner in the palette, too. For mascara, she swears by those from Lancôme—“If you want really dark and voluminous lashes, try Hypnôse, and for more natural lashes, Definicils.”

Keep your lips fairly natural.
“I love lips that show off the natural colour tone in a high shine,” says Maryann. She suggests shopping around for lip tints that enhance your own natural skin colour, such as Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine SPF 15. Finish your face with a dusting of translucent face powder. This will set your makeup and help it last through your day. Focus the powder on the T-zone and just under the eye area to keep your makeup oil-free without looking cakey. One to try? MAC Set Powder.

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