By Allison Dean

Weekends can wreck havoc on your daily skin care routine – late nights, impromptu slumbers at friends, and cocktail hours that drag into the wee hours of the morning all challenge our nightly due diligence. Jane Iredale’s Magic Mitt has a hassle-free, fresh face philosophy to simplify your nighttime cleanse. Micro-fibers in the Magic Mitt create a hydro-mechanical cleansing process that completely removes makeup by breaking up oily surface tension.

The result? A squeaky clean face in 2 minutes flat-and yes, even your M.A.C waterproof mascara and liner will disappear without a trace! The Magic Mitt also protects skin’s natural acid mantle ensuring your skin is protected against harmful bacteria. The bonus? A time saver and travel buddy, the Magic Mitt is also a long-term companion. Wash your mitt in soap to cleanse, and then hang it up to dry. As soon as it dries, the micro-fibers are re-sterilized and your Magic Mitt will live to cleanse another day. Available at spas across Canada [I picked mine up at the
Village Spa ($18)], or check out Jane Iredale