Fall hairstyle trend: The middle or side part?

Oct 13 2011 by
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Ok, I was about to jump on the deep side part bandwagon this fall since it was huge hit on the runways (we saw it at Gucci, Marni, Chanel). But then all of a sudden Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz are spotted together sporting dead centre parts. Now I’m back on the middle part wagon for this
fall hairstyle trend – at least for the moment. Most of the summer I went with whatever my hair wanted to do naturally, which was usually a slight, messy side part. But for the more
structured fall hairstyle trend, I’m ready to start make my parts more defined. I’m totally envious of Gwyneth’s
straight-down-the-middle part and super glossy, straight hair (well, I have major hair envy when it comes to Gywn’s locks pretty much all the time). But I also loved Cameron’s more relaxed style with the slightest wave. Btw, who else is loving the golden hue of blonde she’s now wearing?

Here are some tips for a centre part this season:
1. Ban the frizz with smoothing serum. A centre part does not look nearly as chic with a halo tiny flyaways above your head.
2. A flat iron could be your best friend if you want sleek hair like Gwyneth (but be sure to use heat-protecting serum).
3. For a more relaxed style like Cameron’s add a bit of texturizing spray or very lightly wrap sections of hair around a large curling iron. The key is to keep still look soft and smooth.
4. Centre parts don’t work for everyone. It depends on your face shape and bone structure, hair cut and above all else, if you feel comfortable wearing it.

And if you want to stick to the fall hairstyle trend of a deep side part, here are some of my favourite looks – from loose and carefree at Marni to super slick at Gucci. Just be sure to invest in a good boar bristle brush to help lock in that part to the side while blow-drying.

So now I ask you. Which fall hairstyle trend do you prefer? The middle or side part?

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